Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh What to do with Horse Show Ribbons

Oh how I remember those lazy, hazy and hot days of summer Horse Shows.  My daughter who is in her 20’s now started showing when she was right around two years old.  She got a blue ribbon in her first lead line class and she beamed with pride.  If I had known that this was just the start of years of expensive shows and horses perhaps I would have stopped it right then and there.  As I Remember her happy face that summer day I realize that, nope, it wasn’t an option.

Now she has moved in her own place and all the ribbons remain in her old room.  When my husband decided he wanted to paint that now unused room, a dilemma arose.  What do we do with hundreds (yes hundreds) of horse show ribbons?  They hang on all four walls from floor to ceiling on wires strung from one side to the other.  She really didn’t want to do the same to her “adult” living space but of course, they are and will always remain special to her. 

How could we use these ribbons in a more useful and adult manner?  Some people create quilts but that is a bit more time consuming than I can manage at the moment.  I chose the next best thing, pillows. You can never have enough pillows.

I whipped up my first pillow in record time and I was pleased with the result.  When I finished preparing all the ribbons I realized that I have enough to make approximately 4,000 pillows.  (I did warn you all that I am prone to exaggerations) So one day I may have to take the time and actually create a quilt that will cover the state.  Until then the more special ones will become a soft and plush remembrance of horse shows past.

Now what to do with all those unique and cool buttons from the centers of the rosettes…coming soon!


De la Renaissance said...

That is quite a collection of ribbons!! Those pillows turned out beautifully, what a wonderful idea!

Crystal said...

Thanks. I can't take credit for the actual idea. I am sure others have made pillows and quilts for sure. I just put my own spin on it.

Christine said...

Awesome! I wish I had seen your post before I gave away a bunch of ribbons. I used to show model horses a lot and had quite a stack of flats. I still find them here and there, so maybe I can still make a little something from them.

IrishMolly said...

I wanted to know do you have a step by step guide for stitching ribbons? I know it takes special thread and a special stitch on the sewing machine? Thanks!

Crystal said...

Hi Molly! Actually I used a square of muslim fabric and zig-zag stitched the ribbons to that, after which I sewed two together to make a pillow. So you never actually sew the ribbon to each other--no special thread needed and I used regular thread! I plan to post a detailed tutorial in the future on my other blog...http://www.makeiteasycrafts.blogspot.com

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