Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to Etch a glass ornament

Etching is an attractive way to make a one of a kind ornament and it is easier than you may think.  There are just a few little things you need to know before you start, however.  This project is NOT for kids.  Follow the instructions on the bottle of etching cream.  I Always work in a well ventilated area.  I always wear gloves and I’m careful not to get any of the etching cream in or around skin or eyes.  I always have water near by. Most importantly I always keep the etching cream out of reach of children and pets. In other words I am extremely careful while working with the etching cream.

You will need:

Armour etch (available at craft stores)

Old paintbrush (once I use it for the etching I don’t use it for anything else)

Clear contact paper to create your own stencils

Flat glass ornament blank

Exacto craft knife

Paper and pencil or marker

1.     Draw a simple a design for your etched silhouette.  A simple design is best with your first ornament.  It is a good idea to shade in your design to get an idea how it will look when it is etched onto the glass.  Experiment with your drawings till you are satisfied.

2.     Cover the glass piece with clear contact paper and make sure it is securely attached. 

3.     Place your design behind the contact paper covered glass.  Use an exacto knife to cut out the design and remove.   An exacto knife is sufficient for simple designs.  For a more intricate design I recommend a wood-burning tool.  You will need to be even more careful if you use a woodburner…the tip gets extremely hot!

4.     Brush a layer of the etching cream on to the cut out area of the glass and let it remain on the glass for five minutes.

5.     Wash all traces of the etching cream off with tap water.  Remove the rest of the contact paper.  Clean the glass with window cleaner.  Don’t be alarmed if the area you etched appears clear.  When it dries it will have etched the glass.  


Carol Blackburn said...

Looks very interesting and definitely not for kids. Love your ornament.

Lee Pierce said...

Thanks for simplifying that process. After reading your instructions, I am thinking about giving it a try.
Your ornament is simply beautiful!

Christine said...

I'm the same as Lee...I would love to try this! I will have to wait until I can do it outdoors though - I don't want the birds falling off the perch!

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