Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rain, rain, go away!

It’s been raining hard here in Va. for three days straight!  I know many of you will say April showers bring May flowers, but if this deluge doesn’t stop soon the flowers will have to be under water!  I just can’t believe there is that much water up there!!

Last night I went out the door to let my dog relieve herself and my front porch was covered with earthworms!  Yes, the worms must have beem drowning on the grass so they slithered up on the porch!

I admit I’m not a fan of rain, but this rain could make anyone disgusted.  You can’t go anywhere without getting soaked to the skin!  The rivers are flooding their banks, and roads are closed.  Will the sun ever appear again?  I wonder?

Anyway my poor little dog needs to go for a swim in my backyard now so she can use the facilities, so I will end this post, but please rain, rain, go away.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter to all my friends and family far and wide

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cracked look plastic Easter egg tutorial

Just created--unique plastic Easter eggs to fill with candy.  If  you want to try this too, check out the tutorial on Make it easy crafts!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Are you a yogurt fan?  I know it’s good for you and I’m Greek so I’m supposed to love it right? For me it’s kind of a love-hate relationship.   How so?  Let me explain.

My grandmother used to make yogurt in her kitchen with milk and cultures from a previous batch.  She would put it in an earthen jar and wrap a sweater around it to keep it warm while it became the creamy, delicious yogurt that you could eat plain or with just some honey added. 

When I grew up, I made my own yogurt using her recipes but I used a thermos instead of an earthen jar and sweater.  And it was delicious.  I used it in place of sour cream.  I used it to make dressings.  I drained it through a strainer to thicken it. (Thus becoming Greek yogurt) The only time it was sweet was when I added honey.  Fruit was a no-no. 

So, fast-forward to my busy today life.  I don’t make yogurt anymore.  And my refrigerator is a yogurt graveyard.  There are containers of every brand sitting there just waiting for their sell by date to expire.  I don’t like any of them.  Every time a new flavor or kind comes out I buy it.  I take a few bites, grimace and then toss it in the circular file. (Trashcan)

So after my latest purchase of “Greek” yogurt with the limited edition flavor of chocolate mint, I can it after a few forced bites and vow to never to buy another “new” flavor again.  Sorry yogurt makers everywhere.  Who are you kidding anyway?  Yogurt does not and never will taste like a slice of Boston cream pie! 

But it is good made into a tzatziki sauce for Gyros.  It’s delicious as a substitute for sour cream on baked potatoes.  It’s wonderful to use when making dressings for salads. And if you must have it sweet a dollop of honey is just divine. 

Yogurt recipe

1 quart of milk
2 tablespoons of plain yogurt (starter)

Bring starter to room temperature.  Pour milk in a heavy pot.  Heat milk till it reaches 180 degrees on a candy thermometer.  Stir so no top skin forms.  If you don’t have a thermometer, let the milk come to a boil and cook for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.  Cool to 110-115 degrees or when you hold your little finger in the milk for a slow count of ten, the milk has cooled sufficiently.  Thin the starter with four tablespoons of cooled milk, add to the pot and stir to blend.  Pour mixture in a wide mouth thermos, cover and leave undisturbed for 5-6 hours.  When mixture has reached a thick consistency, refrigerate.  If your want it even thicker drain in a strainer over a bowl. 
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