Thursday, May 31, 2012

What to do with Horse Show Ribbons re-visited

Got a lot of Horse Show Ribbons and you are running out of wall space?  Why not make a scrapbook to hold all your horse show photos and mementos?  Check out my other blog Make it Easy Crafts for an easy tutorial.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Does this make scents?

Pastel Beach

Well, now that Memorial Day is over summer is in full swing.  So what’s next? Will it be beaches, swimming, sun and fun?  Vacation is this week and I’m going to the beach. 

For me, beaches are sometimes not so much fun.  I am fair and I don’t tan, I burn. For a Greek with black hair I am unusually pale. I guess I take after my father who, when he had hair, was a blond and fair Greek.  When he would don shorts his legs were so white they almost glowed in the dark. 

I don’t have to be out in the sun for very long.  It almost seems as if as soon as my toes touch anything sandy, they start to crisp.  I feel as if I am cooking and I am the main course.  In a half hours time I am usually Lobster red. 

My husband is a beach boy.  Not a real Beach Boy, but he is blond and he loves the beach. He can stay out in the sun for what seems like forever with minimal protection. 

Me, on the other hand needs all the help I can get, but when it comes to suntan lotions, I cringe.  I absolutely detest the aroma of suntan oils and lotions.  I hate smelling as if I should have a little umbrella sticking out of my hair or like I belong on a desert menu. For the record I didn’t like to use cocoa butter after my pregnancy either.

So I search the stores for my sun protection criteria, mainly high SPF and low fragrance. 

I come in the door with my purchase, not the 55 SPF baby lotion, but the 110 SPF suntan lotion…and best of all, it’s unscented!

I’m ready.  Look out sun.

UPDATE:  Tropical storm Beryl had other plans for me and mine so I guess after one day in the un-sunny weather bedraggled and road weary we turned around.  Looks like it will be a stay-cation for me!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Handwriting analysis

Me, trying neat

When I was in grade school I wrote kind of like this and printed everything neatly.  And then the accursed cursive made it’s appearance and I tried my darndest to write neatly.  But try as I might I just couldn’t make myseslf do it. 
Most of the time men, write like me, sloppy.  In my family however I am married to Mr. Perfect and he writes like…this which makes me feel a little intimidated.

I know Im not alone because there is even a font called sloppy.  Not that I need it, Im doing sloppy just fine thank you very much.

When it comes to my artwork the worst part is the signing.  I know, I know that is what identifies the art but the way I look at it my signature distracts and totally ruins the painting. 

So I sign it with just my initials.  In my case, less is better.  Perhaps I should just sign it like this:

My name in wingdings  J

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hummingbird don’t fly away

Hummingbird in colored pencil

It’s time!  The hummingbirds are back and it’s time to fill all the feeders.  I love watching these tiny little helicopters as they flit and fly around the yard.  Don’t buy the pre-made solutions, though. Honestly, the hummers don’t like that store bought stuff. It’s easy and  cheaper to make nectar right in your own kitchen

Hummingbird nectar:

In a small pot boil 4 parts water to 1 part cane sugar

(This equates to 4 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar, but until I get a large amount of hummers,  I usually just mix up 2 cups of water with ½ cup of sugar)

Let cool and fill the feeders.

Store any unused nectar in the refrigerator

There is no need to add any food coloring.  The hummers don’t care if it’s clear or colored.  Don’t use honey and clean and refill your feeders weekly.  

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Hint from Crystal-oise

Ever buy something on impulse (yes impulse is my middle name) just because you love it.  Today I bought two of those cool, but a bit overpriced tumblers that are supposed to keep a drink cold or hot longer. I get them home and set about removing the price tickets but after scrubbing and tearing, washing and peeling, all I have to show for it is some gummy, gooky, and sticky residue.   Have I used enough adjectives yet?  No, ok let me add a few more.  The gooey, tacky mess just wouldn’t come off. 

 So I try other methods like nail polish remover with no luck.  The stickiness has spread and I find that I don’t even have to grasp the tumblers to pick them up, all I need do lay my palm on the goop and lift.   Got a visual?

Frustrated, I put both tumblers back in the bag with the intention of taking a trip (did I mention it was raining?) back to the store to return them.  Before I do, though, my husband tells me to Google ways to remove the mess. It figures that he would be logical.

I laugh at the suggested methods, everything from mayonnaise to lighter fluid to toothpaste. It seems this is not such an unusual problem.  Just to appease the logical Mr. Spock I am married to, I try what I think is the most outlandish suggestion—peanut butter.


So the next time you get one of those fiendish stubborn price tickets get out the Jiff-- problem solved in a Jiffy.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Snow White without a dwarf in sight

No water that I saw

This past weekend my hubby and I decided to drive to Washington D.C. to take in a museum and enjoy the nice weather.  This time we chose to take our car and our chances with parking instead of taking the metro as usual.  And since it was such a nice day on Sunday we stopped and got some sandwiches, drinks and chips for a lunch in the park. 

A very unusual looking pigeon

Now, I know that a lot of people don’t like you to feed the wild birds, but I love animals and when those itty bitty little eyes look at me and my sandwich, well, I just can’t resist.  And besides I wasn’t the first, because they knew just how to beg for the best result.  I must admit that the sparrows, pigeons, starlings, squirrels and ducks in the nation’s capital our very well behaved.  There is no pushing or shoving and they all patiently sat there waiting their turns.  There was none of the stealing and squawking the seagulls on the boardwalks are known to do…. they were sweet.

This little guy had a genetic mutation of coloring 

And while I was sitting there with my husband just shaking his head and not sharing at all I felt, well, just like Snow White without the singing. And seriously, I really didn't need the carbs!

Can't forget the squirrels

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Are you a dog person, a cat person, a hamster person…?

I think that most people fall into a pet category, so, what kind of pet person are you? 

There are those who are diehard cat people.  Sometimes, their personalities mimic those of the royal aloof feline.  And when I say royal, I mean royal.  How many of us have someone at our beck and call 24/7 to feed, pet and clean our bathroom? 

The dog people think they are the best.  They are rather loyal and true blue if I do say so myself.  They walk around covered in fur…no not the kind that has PETA up in arms…the ones that come from petting and loving their furry friends.

The reptile people can’t understand why there are those who don’t think that scaly and cold-blooded creatures are endearing.  I mean they are rather useful; rats are a nuisance to humans but to reptiles they are a snack.  And what little boy hasn't used one to attract the attention of a little girl?

The hamster people must be night owls…because seriously who can sleep while that little guy runs on his squeaky wheel all night long?

The fish people are stress free.  Everyone knows that aquariums are relaxing, that is until you have to clean all 55 gallons of it or have a toilet bowl funeral.

The bunny people never have to buy another bunny again, as they scratch their heads and wonder why the buck bunny they bought turned out to be a pregnant doe.

The horse people go broke.  Yes I speak from experience.  What with horse shows, vets, farriers, and feeding a 1,000 lb. animal…well, there isn’t much money left for much else.

And then there are the bird people.  You recognize them since they always sport a stray feather or two, and have to tell you about the ten new words in Tweety's vocabulary.

I won’t even go into the insect realm, but there are those people too. 

Yes I guess everyone fits into a pet category. What am I?  Well, I am covered in dog hair; I have a pooper-scooper in my right hand and my checkbook in my left.  When I walk into Petsmart they greet me by name as I grab some fish food and pick the birdseed out of my hair.  So…. you be the judge.  
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