About me

My name is Crystal. I started out as Crystal Harris, spent some time as Crystal Harris Ogle and ended up as Crystal Harris Donnelly. If you’re a woman don't you just hate the fact that you always end up changing your name when you marry or remarry. Anything you did pre-second marriage is erased. It’s just not fair.
Let me illustrate this bias. Not long after my second marriage in order to receive a discount on a purchase at Macy’s, I applied for a credit card. Would you believe it? They turned me down! It seems that I had no credit. It didn’t matter that I owned a home paid off several vehicles and was in possession of at least 6 other credit cards, I virtually did not exist.
Why am I telling you all this? Well, its simple. When I assemble the lists of my accomplishments in Craft Designing and writing, it will be when I was Crystal Harris Ogle. Some of my art credits are Crystal Harris Donnelly, and finally some things are just Charris…a compilation of my original first and last name.
If you own a piece of art that is signed “Charris,” well, it’s my work. If you purchased something from Charrisart…again, mine. If you have followed craft instructions by a person named Crystal H. Ogle or Art2cee2, well, then you’ve known me all along.

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