Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Easy Kid's Craft, Autumn Leaf Party Favors

Easy Kids Craft Project- Autumn leaf party favors

When you are setting your table this Thanksgiving how about including a little party favor by each place setting.  This is a festive and decorative way to dress up your holiday tables.  So why not make some that are as individual and colorful as the autumn leaves that decorate your own back yard? These autumn leaf party favors are easy enough for kids and make a fun project to do as a family.

You will need:

Felt squares in autumn colors

Tacky Glue (I used clear Tacky glue, but regular Tacky Glue is fine)

Dimensional Fabric paint in a corresponding color

 Leaf from your yard

Cardboard to make a pattern (cereal boxes are great for this use)


Pinking Shears (optional)

Optional 8-inch length of ribbon

Waxed paper or anything to cover your work surface

1.     Go outside and look for nice shaped leaves.  Collect a couple in an appropriate size.  They should be no wider than 6 inches horizontally and no taller than 6 inches vertically.

Place the leaf onto cardboard and trace around to make a pattern.  Cut out.

3.     Transfer the leaf pattern onto the felt color of choice and cut out with scissors or pinking shears. Repeat for another felt leaf.  You may use a different color for the back or use the same color for front and back as desired. 

Line up the leaf pieces to make sure they fit together and trim any excess.  Draw a bead of Tacky glue around the edges of the back leaf. If you want to have a handle, cut an 8-inch piece of ribbon and glue to the back before you attach the front leaf.  Leave one inch on each side unglued at the top of the leaf. This will allow for a 4-inch opening.  Attach the top to the bottom and let dry. (see photo)

5.     Use the real leaf as a guide to draw vein lines with the dimensional fabric paint.  If you want these favors to act as place cards, you may write names on them instead of vein lines.  Let dry completely, overnight is best.

6.     When dry fill with candy or small treats and enjoy. 

Follow the first six steps to make as many party favors as needed.   I recommend Tacky glue because it is a thicker consistency and will not bleed through the felt.  When using dimensional fabric paints test on paper first to remove bubbles, and shake downward occasionally while using to keep lines smooth.

These also look festive hanging from a doorknob!   


Lee said...

Great idea! Must share with my kids :D

irslan2u said...

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Mirjam said...

You are a very creative person!
It is a good idea to make these autumn leafs with children!

Good evening..

Barbara Cameron said...

Your Puppy painting is super!

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