Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Would I look distinguished wearing a monocle?

When did my once perfect 20/20 vision go south for the winter?  When did I need a quadruple magnifying mirror to put on my makeup?  I’d like to think that my eyes paid the price for the miniature art I favor, but truth be told it’s just that when I wasn’t looking a few years crept up on me.

They haven’t invented contact lenses that don’t blur my far sight while correcting my near sight so eyeglasses are a necessary evil.

After looking at tons of eyeglass frames I decided on a rimless model.  To me that is the closest thing to not wearing any glasses.  This is the reason that when my prescription changes, I simply put new lenses in my old frames.

Last week due to a really weird, freaky accident my brother stepped on my glasses and twisted them beyond recognition.  Clodhoppers will do that.  I tried to put them to right and when I did, they snapped in half!  They were not even nerdy geek tape-able.  The two separate lenses were now independent of each other!  They had become for all practical purposes--monocles. (In case you have never watched an old movie, a monocle is a single eyeglass held in position by the muscles around the eye, with a fancy little string attached--very distinguished and favored by old time British politicians) 

I have to admit I was beyond disappointed when I visited my local optometry store and discovered they no longer carried rimless. I scoured the Internet for any place that would repair my old ones.   After an exhaustive search (Isn’t anyone else attached to their favorite glasses?)  the good news is that I did find a place and they were able to repair them.

And what was the weird, freaky accident? Well, let’s just say it was my fault and that a lesson was learned:

 From now on, I just need to keep them off the floor and on my head.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A stereogram message from Crystal Clear

click to enlarge

Just wanted to send a happy little message your way today...via stereogram! 

if you are into recycling crafts check out the detailed instructions for making a miniature from an ordinary K-cup at my new blog

Friday, January 27, 2012

So…Not that you asked but what is a stereogram?

A few years back in my daughter’s elementary school library there hung a picture on the wall.  On first glance it simply appeared to be an abstract design, but it was much more than that.  It was a stereogram, sometimes called a magic eye.  The librarian told me that if I stared at the picture just right, like magic, a three-dimensional image would appear.  And she wasn’t saying what it would be.

She elaborated further saying that there are several methods used in order to bring the image into view.  The most common was to hold your nose right up to the image and slowly back away.  Imagine how stupid I must have looked trying again and again to discover the secret. 

Then one day I was a bit tired and my eyes did that staring into space thing they do when I haven’t had much sleep.  Voila, there in front of me was a dinosaur, seeming to jump right out of the frame.  Yes I finally saw it, and thus began my fascination with stereograms.

Now, I may be an oddball (as if you didn’t already know that) but I am able to see stereograms as soon as I look at them.  So I bought an app for my ipad that allows me to create my own depth maps and then create original stereograms.  I am just beginning to play with it but since I can see them in seconds I am a perfect stereogram designer.  So for your viewing pleasure I present my first simple…stereogram.  Can you tell what it is? 

Note:  I believe if you have certain eye conditions like astigmatism you will not be able to see the image…sorry

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Romantic vs. practical

Valentine’s Day is special for me.  After losing my first husband in a car accident I never thought I would find love again, but 13 years ago I did just that. Cupid’s arrow pierced my heart.

I was seeing a man I met in a grief support group.  His wife had died around the same time as my husband.  We started going out together and then on Valentine’s Day we went to our favorite restaurant.  I went to the bathroom and when I returned on my plate was an engagement ring. 

I was speechless—well almost speechless.  I looked at his face in surprise and said,

“What is this?” 

I was a bright one wasn’t I?

He looked apprehensive waiting for an answer.

My answer came in the form of a wordless smile and a nod of my head. (I told you I was speechless)

And then he said:

“I wanted to lock it in.”

Romantic or practical, you be the judge?

If you would like to make an origami style paper heart pin pierced by Cupid’s arrow like the one pictured above then fly on over to my other blog Make it easy crafts and follow the easy instructions. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

How to assemble a simple grooming kit for your horse

Since I have run a Tack shop for many years, I am never surprised when a new horse owner walks in the door and asks…what should they purchase? Most big box pet stores do not carry items for use with 900 lb. animals so where do you go to get the supplies you need to keep your new pet in tip-top shape?  A Tack shop will carry all the items needed and many more. You can, of course, purchase most, if not all, of the items online but be aware of the shipping costs involved.

First off, you will need to get something to keep all of your supplies portable and readily available.  They make specific tack totes but don’t be afraid to improvise and use any tote that will work for your needs.

Tack tote items:

A book on grooming contains helpful advice

A soft bristled face brush for the muzzle, nose, eyes and ears. 

A stiff bristle brush to remove dried mud and dirt from the body is one of the most useful tools to include.  You can get one that has a strap across it for your hand or just a plain bristle brush.

Hoofs picks, tools for removal of dirt and stones from the hooves, are inexpensive and are always part of a grooming kit.  Although there are many styles, they all achieve the same purpose.  Decorative styles are a personal preference.  You may also purchase folding styles that can easily fit into your pocket when trail riding.

At least one round rubber or plastic curry for removing dried dirt. 

 A mane comb is another item that should be part of your grooming kit.  You can purchase them at tack stores or beauty supply stores.  It is invaluable in removing knots and tangles from the mane and tail.  You might also want to pick up a small bottle of detangler spray so you can slide through those tough knots.

Synthetic sponges, always useful

Many people also include a tool known as a sweat scraper, sometimes called an “Indian towel.” Its use is for removal of excess water and sweat from the horse’s body.

A small bottle of shampoo

Fly spray or wipes

Don’t forget to include a small pack of horse treats.  After a grooming session it is always nice to reward your horse.

Hint: Do not limit yourself to the usual places thought of when purchasing items for your kit.  Beauty supply stores have long borrowed items developed for the horse industry.

The items listed are for a basic grooming kit only.  As you ride your interests may develop.  A grooming kit for a show, for example, will have many more essential items added to the kit.

Friday, January 20, 2012

What’s your favorite color? Could it be Rose red?

"Rose red" ACEO

For those of you who know me, you already know that my favorite color is red.  I don’t know if I fit the traits associated with people who love the color red, I just know if you look in my closet red is the predominant color.  Of course if you are looking you may notice a few other colors hanging there too.  I guess if I am making an analogy, the color red is the queen bee and all the other colors are the worker bees. And besides I can't resist a sale even if it doesn't come in my favorite color! My least favorite color is brown…so what do you think that says about me?

If you would like to know what your favorite color says about you just click the link below:

I’m linking my “Rose Red” ACEO to PAINT PARTY FRIDAY…be sure and check out all the fantastic art to be found there many thanks to Kristin and Eva for all their hard work!


If you would like to try your hand at crackle painting pop on over to MAKE IT EASY CRAFTS for some easy instructions for making a mini Valentine’s Day box!  It's a snap!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lines, lines everywhere lines

Scottie doodle greeting cards

I don’t do well with lines.  Lines are everywhere these days.  I go to the grocery store and I patiently wait behind 10 people-- most of them with kids screaming for candy.  My eyes dart around looking for a shorter line.  I wonder should I line jump, will it pay off? Just as I switch to a shorter line I realize my miscue as the cashier turns on the light for assistance. Guess I will never learn.

I go into a department store during lunch to exchange a garment thinking this will be a quick trip and till I hear those dreaded two words....

“Price check.”

I shrug and realize that my diet will not suffer today.

 I drive into the gas station and probably use a gallon of gas driving around looking for an open pump.

My favorite line (totally kidding of course) is the line at the drive-through window at the bank. I kick myself wondering why I didn’t make it before the walk in hours.  So I get behind a line of cars feeling much like the caboose in a very, very long train.

Now line boredom sets in with a vengeance.  I twiddle and fiddle.  I play with the check I am about to deposit.  Warning:  never fiddle with a check on the edge of your open car window. 

The check slips in so quickly, so easily and then…it’s gone, into the nether world of the car door. And look, I am next in line.  I pull up, and stare red-faced at the teller.

“Oops I forgot my deposit.” I lie, in a futile attempt to preserve my dignity.

Fortunately I am married to a very handy man.  He, of course, had to take the door off to retrieve the check.  He smiled and he didn’t say a thing.  He knows his Crystal.

Yes, it’s true.  I don’t do well with lines so I guess I’ll just stick to the lines that I actually enjoy…the ones applied to paper. 

If you would like to make a hand drawn Scottie dog note card like mine…hop on over to my other blog Make it Easy Crafts and follow the easy tutorial.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You got to move it, move it

How could you not love a guy who likes puppies and kids?

I just want to say upfront that I adore my husband.  He is smart, romantic, funny, and he even does dishes and laundry.  Who could ask for more right?  I mean, to most women, he is perfect-- a real Prince Charming.  Ah, but no one is totally perfect and he has one major flaw.  He moves things. 

In his quest to be Mr. neat and clean, he always feels the need to straighten up a room, and it always seems that my things are the ones he needs to get out of the way. While in his tidy mode he grabs things and puts them in the first nook or cranny that is in his path.  If he comes across a book, it may end up in a kitchen junk drawer or the pantry.  Many times he forgets where he puts them. 

Sometimes things end up in the trash by mistake and believe me it is not a fun thing to go through trash looking for that lost item only to find it covered in moldy veggies and coffee grinds.  Last week I did just that since my very expensive antibiotic came packaged in blister packs in a baggie.  Looked like trash to him!

So I have decided to turn a new leaf.  I intend to fight fire with fire.  I will become a picker upper too!

My coffee table in the family room at the moment contains a very, tall, messy stack of magazines on it.  And the stack contains: several electronics catalogs, four sports magazines, three aircraft magazines, and a news magazine or two.  At the very bottom are two very lonely art magazines. 

I carefully carry the top half of that stack and add it to the paper bin going to the dump.  You’ve got to move it move it!

Seriously, I love, love, love the guy flaws and all!  After all nobodies perfect!

If you have an extra minute and are in a crafting mood be sure and check out my new blog Make it Easy Crafts

Monday, January 9, 2012

S-no-w 2012

The Virginia Snowman

Honestly, I have been a bit disappointed lately considering that it is already January and I had yet to see the first snowflake.  I shouldn’t be surprised since we don’t usually get too much snow in the temperate Virginia climate. So far this winter has been milder than expected with the temperature just yesterday spiking up to 68 degrees! I was beginning to think there would be no snow this year. Then today, out of nowhere (The weather forecasters had egg on their faces again) it started to snow. 

It started slow, with little specks of something just a tad more solid than rain.  After a few minutes there was no question, as the tiny specks enlarged to big, white, fluffy actual snowflakes. Sadly for the real snow lovers the precipitation was scant.  If you were to measure the total amounts, you would be using millimeters instead of inches.  The first snowfall of 2012 is a dusting.

Unlike the winter of two years ago that broke all records, there will be no snow angels unless one wants to add a bit of dirt to the mix.  There will be no snowmen unless they are 6 inches high.  There will be no endless scrabble and monopoly games, videos, and cabin fever.  There will be bread, milk, and toilet paper still in ample supply at all local grocery stores.  But best of all for me anyway, there will be no shoveling through 3 feet of piled up snow at 7 a.m. in 20-degree temperatures carving out an small area while a dainty, prissy, short-legged 11 lb. Jack Russell terrier waits patiently on the porch--like a queen preparing for...dare I say it?  What the heck...like a queen waiting to use the throne!

Don't forget to check out my new blog makeiteasycrafts.blogspot.com it is slowly but surely coming along.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New blog just for quick and easy crafts and a sunset from ABOVE

Who doesn't love a sunset?  I think one of my most favorite things to paint (other than horses) has to be sunsets.  In October when I flew North Dakota to visit my son, I saw what has to be the most unique sunset I have ever seen. This sunset I got to see from 10,000 ft. above the ground!  I just had to share this photo.

I also want to let you all know that I started another blog just for quick and easy craft tutorials.  Make it Easy Crafts  I will still post some projects here and you might see some of the ones you may have missed re-posted there.  So I do hope you visit there and show some blog love since that little ole blog is a bit lonely at the moment.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fortune cookies revisited

For those of you who follow my blog you already know that I have a love/hate relationship with Chinese fortune cookies.   When I was little I used to think that there was some Confucius-esque (try saying that three times fast) type individual sitting in a fortune cookie factory somewhere going into a trance and thinking up the fates of the as yet unknown person who would get to open each cookie.

 Lately, I am thinking that the name is becoming a bit inappropriate.  Judging from the fortunes that are emerging from these little pockets I think that they should just be re-named statement cookies. 

Take some recent fortunes…

Cookie says, “You are smart and articulate.”

“Well, thanks but how does that relate to my future?

Cookie says, ”Your style sense is beyond reproach.”

“OK, so I’m a trend setter, but how do I apply this info to what will happen tomorrow?”

Cookie says, “You are kind a compassionate.”

“Honestly, I’m eating up these compliments and you're making me blush, but what is on my future horizon?

Cookie says, “You will be hungry in an hour.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

Cookie says, “You have a message from your teeth.”

“C’mon that’s just weird.”

Cookie says, “Love is in the cards and you will meet a tall, dark, stranger.”

“Now were talking, only one problem, my husband is medium height and blond going on bald.” 

Maybe a palm reader would be a better choice?

p.s.  all the fortunes listed here were actually taken from fortune cookies...honestly,  who could make up stuff like that?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What is your favorite Christmas ornament?

My Mary's first Christmas sock

I admit it.  I love Christmas and decorate two large trees and two small ones.  I even have a special little tree for my dog.  Unfortunately this Christmas, I spent most of it pretty sick.  Since I am on that road to recovery at the moment, I think I will hang on to Christmas just for a few more days. So I’m not putting away my mistletoe and holly just yet.  Actually wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we all kept Christmas (if only in our hearts) just a little bit longer? So the question I pose to you today is… I wonder…what is your favorite Christmas ornament?

As for me well, I love my Hallmark moving and lighted ornaments.  I adore my many White house ornaments.  I grin like a child when I pull out those delicate but oh so breakable glass ornaments.  I play the musical ones over and over again.  I smile with nostalgia when I add my homemade ornaments, one from each year.  But the biggest thrill of all is when I add the sock my daughter wore on her very first Christmas that has hung on the tree for…um let’s just say a lot of years.  

We all have a favorite so tell me dear friends what remains your favorite of favorites?

I am starting to feel semi-human again and although I have been absent of late, hopefully in this New Year I will visit, with you all often. 

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