Friday, February 3, 2017

Can age make a sweet dog cantankerous and mean?

sweet dog

When talking about dogs do you think that age can make a formerly sweet dog cantankerous and mean?

Everyone has a story about the mean old man or lady at the end of the street that turns the water hose on kids who inadvertently step on their grass.  We’ve all run from them at one time or another. Many of us have been the recipients of a tongue lashing from an aging neighbor who used to smile whenever we would retrieve our baseballs from their flower gardens.  And then, it changed. Our baseballs slowly rot in their yards. 

We just chuck it up to age making them a little bit meaner and we steer clear of their paths. But do sweet dogs who used to lick everyone within their reach suddenly become just like that crabby neighbor?

My dog, Maddy is a perky little Jack Russell terrier.  She was never the lovey dovey type, per se.  Maddy is 13 going on 14. In human years the early teens are an age when children get a bit harder to handle.  Although it seems plausible, in dog year’s she is more akin to my grandmother.

As Maddy ages, however, her crankiness reaches new heights.  Don’t misunderstand me; her energy level hasn’t decreased one iota.  It’s just that sometimes her energy will propel her to chase after a Great Dane on a walk.  Is it a death wish?  Nope, it’s just that she’s a grumpy old lady.  And don’t you dare disturb her naptime, grrrrr! 

Honestly she is mostly all bark and if she were human she would be wearing dentures.  I just wonder if there is something to the grumpy old man or woman thing even in the canine world.

Do you have an older dog that is getting grouchier than usual? 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Not a fan of drowning in rainy days and Mondays?

Ok, so it’s no secret I’m not a fun of rainy days.  Monday, eh I can take them or leave them.  Rainy days, however, are my biggest downer for any day of the week.

I guess when I was a kid I didn’t mind rain as much.  Jumping in puddles was kind of fun.  I didn’t care if my hair got frizzy; because with those goofy bangs my mother insisted on I already hated my hair.

Mud was fun for all sorts of things.  I could make mud pies.  I could mold it into bowls and critters.  And it was so much fun to squish it through your toes in the summertime.

When it was hot you could go out and play in the rain and it was better than a pool or a hose because the rain was just the right amount of cold.

And then I grew up…

I no longer hate my hair and rain with its accompanying humidity makes it frizzy, which makes me hate my hair.  

Mud holds no fascination anymore.  Basically I look at mud as something I have to clean up.  And I’ve cleaned up my lifetime quota of projectile vomit, diaper contents, various multi colored spills, and of course, mud.

Although squishy mud once held my fascination, a squishy yard is just annoying and gets mud all over my expensive shoes. (See clean up above)

I may not be the best cook in the world but I think my apple pies would win over mud pies any day of the week.

So there you have it, my many reasons for disliking the rain.  The heck with April showers, when it’s been raining here so many days that I can’t even count them. 

I don’t understand since I don’t live in Seattle or London, but lately Virginia has become one with them.  The other day I pulled up precipitation map, and I noticed that right smack in the middle of my little slice of Virginia, was a blue spot for lots of rain.  So I’m wondering when I’ll see the sun.  Yes, the sun, better known as a dermatologist’s nightmare.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

What do you do about the island of unwanted Christmas gifts?

Each Christmas well-meaning friends and relatives purchase a vast amount of gifts that are neither wanted or used.  Where do these unwanted Christmas gifts end up?  Well, in my house they end up in a pile in the basement.  I call it the island of lost and unwanted gifts.  Every so often I re-gift.  Yeah I know re-gifting is tacky.  And I would never re-gift a gaudy faux jewel encrusted box to someone who I knew wouldn't like it.  So I occasionally take a trip to the local Goodwill store.  After all you can take it off your taxes and donating feels good.

Gift cards are easy.  There are a ton of websites where a non-athletic person can trade a sporting goods gift card for, say, a Starbucks.  Another option is to sell gift cards you will never use.  Sure you get less than the face value, but it's better than sitting in a drawer for all eternity.  Be careful, however, and make sure the website is legitimate.

This year my husband received a virtual reality viewer.  He's in his 60's.  People in their sixties aren't interested in sitting in a room with a pendulous contraption strapped to their heads to look at scenery and such.  Although television commercials would have you believe otherwise, people of that age are more into real reality.  They go outside.  They ride roller coasters.  They experience real life.

I received a 1-inch square tile to attach to anything so that I can locate it via my phone.  Granted I lose things.  I get it.  I'm a ditz.  The thing I lose the most, however, is my phone.  The second thing I lose are my glasses and a tile hanging from them would be annoying at the very least.  And if I was the sort of person who wore those chains to keep them near at all times (which I don't) the problem of loss would be solved for $1.49.

I know gift giving is hard.  But you would think it would be easier for adult children.  So what follows is a gift giving guide for adult children-- for all occasions.

1.  Don't give knick-knacks or other dust catchers.  If they are old enough to be your parents, they have more than enough of those.

2.  Don't give them something you would like.  They are not in their 20's anymore.

3.  Clothing is a big NO.  Sizing is variable and do you really want to give your dad a jacket meant for a teenager in size XXL and have it still not fit?

4.  Don't give food.  Maybe you are unaware that dad had a heart issue and you gave him a membership to a bacon of the month club.

5.  Jewelry is governed by taste and style.  Stud earring for someone who only wears french hooks won't be worn.  And a monogram bracelet for a dad who wouldn't be caught dead in anything other than a wedding band is not a great idea.

6. Talk amongst your siblings if possible so your parents don't end up with 7 bird feeders.

7.  T-shirts with funny sayings or pictures.  Enough said!

8.  Gift cards to places the intended recipient would never go. Steer clear of a cute gift shop 60 miles away.  I don't like to tout stores, but Amazon can be used for many things and you can shop while you are in your pajamas.

9.  Restaurant cards are also not a super choice unless you are sure they love that restaurant.  A seafood restaurant isn't cool for someone allergic to sea food and a burger joint would be in bad taste for a vegetarian.

10.  Details!  Pay attention.  If you mom hates pink don't buy her a pink scarf even if it is cashmere.

So in conclusion it is really quite simple.  If you want a great idea of what you can get your parents any time of the year, think outside the wrapped box.  Memories are a great gift.  Smiles and laughter go a long way to enliven the soul.  Offers to help put away Christmas decorations or even help put them up before is so much more appreciated than skis.  Take them out to dinner and enjoy time together.  Spend time with them and call them often.  Gift a gift of yourself.  That is the best gift of all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Where is the happy and jubilant Christmas magic?

Christmas magic
Drinking coffee off the counter

It’s almost Christmas and I’m wondering where or where is the happy and jubilant Christmas magic? The stores are crowded, the roads are jammed, and we all have a list a mile long before Christmas. 

Actually I’m feeling a little guilty that I never appreciated all the things my parents did to make Christmases so special.  Now that I am a parent and my kids are adults that just take everything for granted I’m feeling unappreciated.

Does anyone even notice that my husband and I work non-stop?  Do they realize that we spent days and days bringing boxes of Christmas stuff up from the basement?  Do they see we decorate 2 large trees and two small ones?  Would they even notice if we didn’t do it?

Does anyone see that I spent an entire evening addressing my Christmas cards in calligraphy?

Baking cookies loses it’s homey magic at about midnight after you spill an entire bottle of vanilla and look like a flour covered yeti.

Christmas shopping becomes a chore instead of a labor of love after you search for a parking space for an hour and then find one only to have someone zip in before you.

And lets not forget the lines where children are definitely not watching out, but crying and pouting no matter who is coming to town.

And on Christmas day everyone just shows up and expects a big dinner.  They bring their dogs and if that dog has an accident—well, it wasn’t fluffy.  Geez I’m living in a rendition of a Christmas vacation movie.

This morning after little sleep I got up and proceeded to brew a cup of coffee in the Kuerig coffee maker.  Oops, forgot to put the cup under it before I pressed brew.  Ever rush around looking for a vacant cup while coffee is spilling all over the counter?  Well, I can tell you it’s not fun.

So, I soldier on and swear next year it will be different. 

And just when I am about to chuck the turkey on the front lawn, I hear that someone received my Christmas card and loved the calligraphy so much that they are keeping the envelope.  It made them smile. It made them happy.

So I guess the jubilant Christmas magic is not in the big things.  It’s not in the lights and work and the gifts.  It’s in the smiles.  It’s there; it’s just not as obvious anymore.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Do you like your Virginia winter weather cold or hot?

So, I got my hubby a new alarm clock.  It projects the temperature and time on the ceiling of the bedroom.  Lying in bed you just look up and you know how you should dress in the morning.  This is a very important thing living in Virginia.

Last week the clock projected the temps in the teens and not 3 days later we almost broke 70 degrees!  That’s Virginia weather.  There is truth in the saying, “if you don’t like the weather in Virginia, stick around fro 24 hours. 

It’s hard to believe that the temps can fluctuate so drastically.  One day you are grabbing your heaviest sweater, gloves, hats and coats, and the next you are looking for tank tops and flip-flops!  Last Christmas we had to turn the air conditioner on, and two days later the fireplace was blazing and we were pulling out the fleece sheets.

Let me be clear, this is not Florida and Mother Nature better get on the ball here.  So she just needs to pick a temperature range and stick to it. 

Maybe this is happening because of the complainers.  Mother nature is simply trying to make everyone happy.  As soon as the temps reach the 30’s everybody from the TV newscasters to everyman on the street starts complaining about the cold.  These same people rant and rave about the awful the heat and humidity when summer rolls around.  Mother nature needs to realize that you cannot please everyone.

So, my suggestion to this Mother Nature is to just give it up.  Let the seasons be what they are meant to be.  Summers, hot, winters, cold, and spring and fall temperate.  Will that please everyone?  Nope.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Are you prepared for Christmas blister package accidents?

Christmas blister package accidents

Yes, it wasn’t a misprint.  I did ask you if you were prepared for Christmas blister package accidents?  Every year we buy presents for our friends and loved ones in hard clamshell blister packages.  So it is one rip and tear away from a Christmas blister package accident!

Gifts, especially for children are so exciting and they dive in headfirst ripping off the paper, then alas, struggle with the blister packages.  The thing is, blister packages don’t rip.  They are steel trap strong.  And personally I don’t understand why small toys need to be locked fort Knox-like.  I mean you’ve already bought them for the kiddies.

So you offer to help.  You rip, twist, and tear.  And even with your gym membership superman strength, nothing happens but frustration.  Your next step is to grab the scissors but that only makes the plastic sharper.  Pretty soon you will become a statistic of a Christmas blister package accident.

“Geez, Dad, your bleeding on my super hero figures.”

“Will the blood hurt the batteries Dad?”

“Daddy, Mommy says you need to put some money in the swear jar.”

So what to do about Christmas blister package accidents?  Stuff your stockings with plastic bandage strips.  I know, I know, it’s an odd stocking stuffer, but honestly you will be happy when you don’t need to run out to a convenience store on Christmas day to buy some. 

Just wanted to say that I’ve been busy with other websites of late and have been a little lax on this my first blog.  This blog I raised from a tiny tot, or should I say Giga-tot.  Anyway a friend pointed it out to me (not giving out names, Fred) that I have let my little blog sit unloved.  Hope you enjoy my insights or outsights however you may view them.
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