Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bank on this?

A multi- cup coffee morning

So, it's raining.  It's raining hard and I'm late.  That not so unusual you say.  I still have one errand to complete before I go to work.  Yes, I got going earlier than usual because I needed to stop at the bank to make a deposit.  I't just a small deposit in my personal account.  Easy, peasy you say.  Just go through the drive thru window right?

Well, It's pouring harder and harder and the windshield wipers are slapping in sync with the music on the radio.  If you know me I'm not a fan of rain.  I know it's necessary and all that, but it's dreary and this kind of rain in 40 degree temperatures is just plain bone chilling.

I get to the bank drive thru and although it is well after 9 a.m. all the lighted signs say closed.  Hmmmm well, I turn my car and try and find a parking space to just go in and be done.  Thrice around the building and I still can't find a space.  Geez, it's only thursday morning , what's up with that?  Finally on the fourth pass I grab a space recently vacated.

I get out and the wind whips my umbrella inside out.  You knew that was coming didn't you?  I toss it back in the car and run to the bank doors.  Wet, bedraggled and frustrated I open the door and the line is almost 7 deep.  Whoa, this may take some time.

Here is the scenario...there are two tellers for four windows.  From my vantage point I can see there are four tellers in the drive in window area milling around.  In the main bank there are three tellers walking behind the two working tellers with one (apparently a manger of some sort) Just staring towards the customers with her arms folded.  Every customer at the working windows are doing some major banking.  I wait, I wait, I wait.  When, I ask, did the bank turn into a Walmart?

From my position in line I can see the large clock ticking away.  Finally after about 30 minutes for a banking job that should have taken three, I arrive at the teller window.  She quickly makes my desposit and I tell her that the drive through window says it's closed.  She tells me she will tell someone to turn it on.  So she calls over to the three standers behind the worker bees.  One of them thanks me for letting them know.  Um, your welcome.

I arrive at work a bit late.  It's just another rainy day in my world. And after all, in the words of Scarlett Ohara..."Tomorrow is another day."

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Easy to create a tree top ribbon tutorial with Bowdabra bow maker

If you are making bows this year to top your tree, packages or just about anything, hop on over to and check out the many tutorials.  You will be an expert bow maker with a Bowdabra bow maker!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Parking lot pet peeve

Christmas will be here before you know it and you will be shopping and going in and out of many parking lots.  Beware—because there is danger there.  No, relax I don’t mean someone is out get you. (Although you might be careful there too) I’m talking about your car.  I’m referring to the lazy people who wheel the shopping carts out and then leave them…anywhere. 

I know you’ve seen it.  You enter a parking lot at a strip mall or discount department store and there are carts littered all over the place, left by those who couldn’t be bothered to return it to the store.  Just this morning, I counted 7 carts left on medians, sidewalks and even parking spaces in just one lot.  They are calling for wind today so that is a recipe for automobile disaster. 

Have you ever wondered why stores put up signs that they will not be responsible for any damage incurred in their lots?  It’s not due to graffiti artists or car accidents; the reason is due to errant carts wheeling around without a driver like bumper cars.

The best solution to this lazy problem is what a store like Aldi grocery store does to combat this problem. You place a quarter in a slot for your cart and then when it is returned, you get the quarter back.  If you don’t return it then you’ve paid a quarter for your laziness. You never see any carts sitting around their lots.

So be a doll and protect the cars in the lot, return your carts this season…the car you save may be your own. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Are you aware?

Nowadays you see awareness ribbons almost everywhere.  There ribbons for almost every cause, disability or illness, but did you ever wonder what an awareness color ribbon stood for?

Click on the link to see a listing of a bunch of awareness colors and their meanings.  I had no idea there were so many.  Did you?

Awareness ribbons

Thursday, October 16, 2014

What’s in a name?

The names that are the most popular in the 100 years haven’t really changed that much.  Ok if you’re talking about celebrities maybe the names they use are a bit outside the box.  I mean it’s a tad different to name your child after a fruit or a compass point.  It’s a good thing these children go to private schools because I can only imagine how they would fare with other children and the poor teachers struggling to spell or pronounce their names.  Take it from me.  I was named Crystal when it wasn’t popular at all and no teacher, not even my grandmother ever knew how to spell my name.

Me, I’m a traditionalist.  Today is my daughter’s birthday and her name is simple and traditional…Mary.  If she had been a boy (We didn’t know her sex beforehand) her name would have been John.  You may wonder why I chose the name Mary in a sea of Jennifers, Jessicas and Brittanys, Boring, you say?  Maybe, but well used through the last century. The United States Social Security website states that the following names are the five most popular in the last 100 years…


You will notice that Mary and John are both on the list.  John weighs in at number 2 and Mary is number 1.  Funny but I don’t see a Sage, Moon unit, or Maddox on that list anywhere.  Maybe those who want to be different should name their children after Captcha words.  They are unique, many times unpronounceable and most definitely one of a kind!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Diaper changers go home!

Baby ducks, no diapers required

I don’t often comment on current events that are often hot buttons for opinions of all kinds, but I feel this time I must.

I recently read a news article about a woman who changed her toddlers diaper in a Chipotle restaurant on the dining tables!  Can you imagine placing a 16 month old child on a table people where are going to eat? Her husband was furious that the restaurant employees told her it was a definite no-no and wrote a letter to Chipotle chiding them for not having changing tables in the bathroom.  It was much too inconvenient for the woman to take her child out to the car on a beautiful day. 

Let me make this clear.  I am a mother.  While my daughter just graduated college and is no longer in diapers, I well remember those years.  Few if any restaurants back then had changing tables in the bathrooms.  Oh my!  What did I do?  I went to the car and changed her there, or I just didn’t go out. Inconvenient?  Sure, but those are the little sacrifices one makes when one decides to have children.  I also didn’t let my daughter scream and cry in restaurants or stores.  Lets just say I am far from a stern disciplinarian and I never hit her in any way shape or form, I simply took her outside.  After a couple times like that she didn’t do it anymore because if she was screaming and crying for something and that something wasn’t there anymore, what could she do but stop? Yes, it was inconvenient but common courtesy to others made me aware that while my daughter’s cry was not hurting anyone, it could be annoying to others.

Changing a diaper on a dining table is just unsanitary and probably breaks many health laws.  In my opinion, (And it is just an opinion) the woman should be fined and banned from the restaurant.  And shame on Chipotle for coddling her idiot husband to tell him they are trying to install changing tables soon.  Restaurants are not required to install them and if patrons cannot be civilized then they should just stay home…or has she ever heard of carry out?

What are your thoughts on this matter?  Was she right, wrong, or are you as appalled as I am?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dress up your Halloween table with a sparkle spider.  He will guard your goodies in style! Quick and easy sequined spider is a fun project to do while watching TV.  This is a great group project too!

You will need:

2 ½” Styrofoam balls, each ball makes two spiders

Serrated steak knife

½” sequin pins

Gold and silver sequins

Two large red sequins

Tacky craft glue (other glues may dissolve the foam)

Chenille stems, in white/black striped and sparkle white

Black felt


White colored pencil


1.     Cut the Styrofoam ball in half using the serrated knife.  Rub the two cut sides together to smooth out.

2.     Place the cut circle on a piece of black felt and trace around with a white colored pencil.  Cut out.  Cut four 4-inch pieces of chenille stems from each color.  Add a dab of glue on the ends of the cut stems. Insert into the bottom sides of the Styrofoam ball half alternating each color.

3.     Add a generous amount of glue on the bottom of the ball half and attach the black felt.  Trim any excess if necessary.

4.     Begin adding the sequins.  Add some tacky glue to each area as you work smoothing with your finger. Insert the sequin pin through the hole in the sequin and push into the Styrofoam.  Continue until you have covered almost the entire piece.  Add two larger red sequins on the lower front for the eyes.  (See photo)

5.     Bend the chenille stems to form the legs and display your spider on your holiday tables.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Firmoo eyeglasses review

Recently contacted me and asked if I would like to review some eyeglasses in exchange for a free pair.  Since they only offer this for single vision lenses and I wear progressives I paid a small fee for the upgrade.

There was an issue with the way I input my prescription but was very accommodating and customer service bent over backwards to make sure I got exactly the pair that I wanted.  I received my glasses yesterday and I absolutely LOVE them!  All eyeglasses come with a hard case, a soft case, a tool kit for repairs and a microfiber cloth.

They have such a wonderful assortment of frames to choose from so my only problem was trying to choose just one!

If you are looking for a new pair of eyeglasses, (And honestly eyeglasses from the eye centers are way overpriced) you should check out

And it gets even better… has a first pair free program.  Choose your frame with single vision lenses and all you pay is shipping!  How can you lose?

My glasses were provided by in return for a review. My opinions, however, are completely and honestly my own.

Powered By Firmoo

Friday, September 12, 2014

Meat loaf cook off—and the winner is…

How do you make your meatloaf?  Do you make it with gravy or do you add a ketchup mixture on top?  Is your meatloaf moist and delicious comfort food or could it double as a weapon or building supply?

In my house I make two kinds of meatloaf.  My husband prefers the ketchup topped one and my son chooses the one covered in rich brown gravy.  Both are good if I say so myself so when my son came home from the air force for a visit I had a meatloaf cook off to settle the question once and for all which meatloaf is better.

I’m the judge, so maybe there is a little conflict of interest but it’s all in fun.  Admittedly they are both delicious.  (I told you there was a conflict of interest) So (drum roll please) which meatloaf won the cook off?


It was hard, but the ketchup covered one was just a teeny bit tastier. These meatloaves pair well with mac and cheese or mashed potatoes.

The recipes follow: 

Ketchup style meatloaf

1 lb. Meatloaf mix (ground pork, veal and beef)

Breadcrumbs (about ¾ cup seasoned or unseasoned as you prefer or whatever you happen to have on hand)

½ small onion finely chopped

Clove of garlic minced

1 tsp. grill seasoning

1 egg

Dash of worcheshire sauce

Salt and pepper to taste


In a small bowl combine about 1 cup of ketchup, a teaspoon of dry mustard and a tablespoon of brown sugar. 

Mix all the ingredients (except the topping) together and form into a loaf.  Place into a baking pan.  Mix together the topping ingredients and cover the top of the meatloaf with this mixture and place in a 350 oven for about 45 minutes.  Use a spoon to remove any dripped grease from the pan before serving. 

Runner up meatloaf:

1 lb. meatloaf mix

3/4 cup rolled oats (Yes oats, you won't even know it's there)

½ onion finely chopped

1 clove garlic, minced

1 egg

½ tsp grill seasoning

Dash of worcheshire sauce

Can of beef gravy

Mix all ingredients together and form into a loaf.  Place in a baking pan and bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes.  Remove from the oven and spoon out any dripped grease from the pan.  Pour a can of beef gravy on top and put back in the oven for about 10 minutes.

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