Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bookmarks - young artists = fun

Very pretty colors by Summer Stillufsen
Age 8

In my recent post I included a horse bookmark for kids to color and I promised that I would feature them on another blog post.  Well, let us have a drum roll please, because I want to unveil the beautifully colored bookmarks by the daughters of my blogging buddy Heather who is an amazing artist and it sure looks like the apples don't fall too far from the tree!

Oooh so pretty by Saylor Stillufsen
Age 6

And while we are on the subject of bookmarks....

When you are reading a book and you are in need of a bookmark you do not possess, what do you grab?  The following are some of the usual bookmark substitutes.

1.     You rip a piece of paper off of anything within reach.  It doesn’t have to be pretty.  A torn piece of junk mail works fine and you can be happy that you are now recycling.

2.     You grab grandma’s letter and mark your place.  As a bonus, if you get tired of reading the book, you can read the letter.

3.     You stick in a grocery receipt and in the middle of Pride and Prejudice you wonder if you should add more fiber in your diet.

4.     You stick a pencil or pen between the pages.  The disadvantage of this kind of bookmark is that since a pencil or pen is not flat, rolling may result and thus causing you to lose your place.

5.     You dog-ear the page. If the book belongs to a friend, however, you won’t be very popular when you return it.

6.     You stick in a used losing lottery ticket.  You have found a use that doesn’t cost and doesn’t pay.

7.     You rely on your amazing memorization skills.  Good luck with that. You were on page 58 weren’t you?  No wait, I think it was page 85.

8.     The best solution is and will always be a real bookmark. I think Summer and Saylor have that covered!

If  If you would like some more printable coloring pages my friend Judy from across the pond has posted some very cool ones...enjoy!  Judy's printable coloring pages


Franz said...

Beautiful work of children;I always bookmark, but being without'd use my amazing memory:-)))
joke! A piece of paper is fine....a good day Crystal!!!

craftattack said...

Love the children's bookmarks! I try to have a bookmark in every book, even it is sometimes an old bus ticket! Valerie

maddyrose said...

I'm presently using a bookmark that came in my Spiderwick DVD package. It's quite worn as I've used it for years but it still keeps my place. Heather's daughters really did a great job coloring theirs and I hope they put them to good use.

Judy Adamson said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Crystal. At least one little granddaughter in Georgia is making use of my colouring sheets so far.

I can brag a bit about bookmarks, as I also design and sell them through Zazzle! When I print and sell my cards to friends locally, I often throw in a free bookmark with my details on the back as promotion. And if I give someone a book as a present, they always get bookmarks too. But as I print them in sheets of 5, there are always a few spare for me to use!

Heather said...

Good Morning!
Cyrstal you made their day! The girls were so very excited to their work on your blog!!! Saylor enjoyed reading your post, too!!!!! Thank you so very much for this....
:) enjoy the day - Heather

Missy said...

Oh how cute and sweet! You made a lovely bookmark and the girls colored it beautifully!

Magic Love Crow said...

Very nice bookmarks! And, I love the list Crystal ;o)

Wanda said...

That's funny....right now I'm using a photo of my new neice my sister sent.

Lee Pierce said...

Wonderful work! Great bookmarks :D

I have received some lovely bookmarks as gifts - metal clip ones that don't move (why didn't I think of paper clips?) and lovely charms on ribbon that work great when the book is closed, laminated art prints (my personal favorite) and stiff wires with charms dangling. At this very moment, I can put my hand on a Norman Rockwell bookmark. Not sure where the rest have gone... :(

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