Saturday, March 10, 2018

Why do we even have Daylight savings time and what does it really save?

Daylight savings time

Honestly, this weekend will be rough.  It’s the weekend where we turn the clocks forward an hour.  Supposedly it is supposed to save daylight, but seriously there is plenty of research to prove that it saves nothing.  In reality, it causes many, many issues from more heart attacks to car accidents. 

People are walking around in a stupor for at least a few weeks afterward.  In a perfect world, the clocks will just stay where they are spring and fall. Why do we feel the need to readjust them twice a year?

You may think that I am just saying this because I am getting set to lose an hour of my time. You would be, however, wrong. I don’t do well even in the fall when we move the clocks the other direction. I am losing more than time.  My internal clock cannot just be rewound.  It will be on its own setting for quite some time before it bends to the government’s will.  Blame the circadian rhythm if you will.

So this weekend, while my body is thinking it’s 11 O’clock, my usual bedtime it won’t really be 11.  No, it will be midnight.  And then, the next morning, when my body will try and rise at 7:00 a.m., I will discover that it is an hour later.  And I will rush and consume obscene amounts of coffee in an effort to remove the fog that descends upon me.  And no, it won’t help. 

And since the first clock change in 1918 the powers that be are not happy with one time or date.  It seems that they’ve moved the dates later in the fall and earlier in the spring several times.  Pretty soon, if we are lucky the two will meet and then, voila! We will have the clocks stay the same for all 12 months!  One can only hope.


GlorV1 said...

I don't know why we change the clocks. Is it tonight?

Magic Love Crow said...

I agree with everything you said Crystal!!! Hope you're doing ok! Big Hugs!

Crystal said...

It's been a week and I still can't get used to it. Late for everything!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Crystal, I just wanted to write to you here and tell you, that I can't comment on your craft blog? For some reason, there is no comment button? I just wanted to let you know. But, I have been there! I think I told you this before, then sometimes, it suddenly appears? LOL! Honestly, I haven't been drinking! LOL! But, I just wanted to make sure, you knew I have been there! Big Hugs!

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