Wednesday, January 30, 2013

See-saw Va. weather

Well, after the deep freeze last week, mother nature took a detour--a 30+ degree detour. Last week the temperatures barely got out of the teens  Yesterday, January 29 the thermometer in my garage nearly popped it's top as temperature soared to 75 degrees!

I remember reading once that there is a phenomenon called the "January thaw", which acts as a sort of reprieve from cold weather in order to give everyone time to gear up for the next cold snap. Well, I don't know about the "thaw" but in a few days Mr. groundhog Phil will make his prediction.

Personally I think that the mother we call nature is sleeping on the job.  Maybe she needs new glasses.  Maybe she needs a 2013 calendar.  Whatever the case may be, 75 degrees in January (except in Florida) shouldn't occur. 

75 degrees again today.  I toss my coat in the back of the closet. All those warm weather lovers (and I am beginning to think they are in the majority) can't stop jumping up and down as they unpack their swim suits.  All I can say is hold your horses....I think mother is waking up and dialing down the temps.  Tomorrow is going to be in the 30's.  And I hear she has been in conference with Phil. 


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Love the cute squirrel! Your posts are always so interesting. We got up to 54 is our part of NY and are headed back down to 30 tomorrow, too! Fun while it lasted!

Christine said...

we are also having weird weather in Toronto...freezing then today balmy 12C.

maddyrose said...

We're not getting anything even close to 75 but I wouldn't mind a few days reprieve. Love the squirrel!

Magic Love Crow said...

LOL! We are having the same crazy weather! I have to admit, we really haven't had winter this year! Nothing to complain about!!!

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