Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The perks of parking

I’ve been driving my husband’s Silverado pickup truck this week.  Don’t ask.  It was a switcheroo since he gave his commuter car to my daughter while her car is in the shop.  So he took my car and I got the truck.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s a nice truck.  It’s new and it’s got all the extras, but it’s big.  No I take that back, it’s huge. 

It’s not a problem driving straight down the road.  Parking on the other hand is quite another situation.  Now I’ve never been an ace at parking.  When I got my driver’s license I was required to parallel park.  I stressed about it for weeks and was sure I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I did.  And I was only two and a half feet from the curb.  The tester just smiled and told me that a woman who couldn’t park would just learn to make adjustments…like finding a parking space where there wasn’t another vehicle in the vicinity…think different zip code from my destination.

Driving this behemoth I am finding that I haven’t changed much.  I still search for a parking space that is as far as it can get from civilization.  I have noticed that some people are aces at parking, namely the husband.  He doesn’t flinch as he backs into parking spaces or pulls into the garage with mere centimeters between his bumper and the back wall.

So it got me to thinking.  Are men or women better parkers?  Do you back into a space or are you like me looking for somewhere that is easy in and easy out?  Heck-- walking never killed anyone.  After all, I have no intention of driving for Nascar.

By the way, I’m still working on my ABC book and I’m to Q, which will appear very soon so stay tuned.  


Christine said...

beautiful painting. I think there are good women drivers and bad ones, just like the men!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I agree with Christine about the painting and the drivers! I do tend to look for "pull thru" spots, but I can and do back into a space.

Magic Love Crow said...

Well, for me, I will find a far away spot ;o) The weird part is, by the time I get out of the store, everyone is around me? What's that all about? LOL! I do like to pull thru, instead of backing up!

Pam said...

I have always parked far away to avoid dings! Unless it is raining of course. :) Your artwork is beautiful.

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