Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rushing it?

All the big box stores are talking about opening on Thanksgiving around these parts, rushing it do ya think?  It is barely past Halloween and I already see Santa’s at pumpkin patches!!  How long before we start seeing black Fridays in July?

It seems that every year Christmas shopping is getting earlier and earlier and honestly it’s all about greed.  Which big box will get the most sales…Wal-Mart, Target, or another?  But just for a minute let us think about the poor souls who have to forego Thanksgiving and work just to make the stockholders richer. 

The mom and pop stores of the world are shuttering their doors more and more and we, the consumers, are to blame.

If no one went to these sales on the morning of Thanksgiving, they might just wait.  If people didn’t camp out with tents in front of he big box doors, they might just wait.  If our kids didn’t demand toys and electronics that are available in small quantities (just to make the demand larger) they might just wait.  If Christmas wasn’t so much about things and instant gratification, they might just wait. 

I know I am steadily sounding like I am the Grinch who discovered what Christmas was all about, but I didn’t need to steal all the present in Whoville to come to this revelation.  I’ve always known it and there is no way I will get up from the table, tell my guests ta-ta and hit the stores on Thanksgiving.  And if others would do the same, they might just wait!


Bucharoo said...

AMEN! You have touched a spot near and dear to my heart. Halloween, Thanksgiving, THEN Christmas! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it gets left in the dust. I don't shop on Thanksgiving and if a store chooses to open that day, I boycott them for a week. I could go on, but you said it all. Thanks for speaking up!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I read in one of the newspapers that the stores are almost doing away with Black Friday--oh it will still be there, but by opening on Thanksgiving Day instead, there is no longer any incentive to wait on line a 2 am in the morning for the best deal. I won't (ever) be shopping on Thanksgiving.

Christine said...

it does seem a bit early, and I was listening to Christmas songs on the radio today!

Magic Love Crow said...

I agree with every word you have said! My mom and I don't shop at Walmart or Target. Cherish your family and friends! Enjoy the time together! When I was younger, I got one teddy bear and that teddy bear is still with me today! I cherish him! I don't think kids today, know about cherishing something!

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