Friday, January 10, 2014

Weather wimps just need to put on a coat and realize…it’s winter

Lately I’ve been wondering what in the heck has happened to people these days.  We have a cold snap and it’s 0 degrees at night and in the 20’s during the day and they close schools for two days!  Yes, in Virginia they closed schools because it was too cold. Today there was no school again, because it rained and it might freeze! Tomorrow they are predicting the temperature will reach 65 degrees with thunderstorms!  Yes I did say thunderstorms. Guess my little dog will be hiding under the couch for a while.

The way you hear the weathermen and women talk you would think that we are on the meteorological eve of destruction…

“Listen up people you better button up that overcoat because if you walk out that door you are going to freeze in your tracks!”

“Icicles are going to be hanging from your eyelashes.”

“Oh gosh Steve how long do we have to suffer in these crippling temperatures?”

“Well Linda, an artic front is moving in and will arrive by noon, so hop under those covers and stay there till March!”

The way they go on we must be heading to a second ice age!

When I was a kid, we weren’t lucky enough to get a “cold” day off from school.  It had to snow to be able to leave that homework unfinished. We sometimes had entire weeks of single digit temperatures and no one batted an ice encrusted eyelash.  We just put on a coat and went about our business as usual. Are we breeding a generation of weather wimps? 

I live in Virginia.  It’s not Antartica and the temperatures are usually rarely extreme in the winter. This past week was the first time I used my coat in 3 years.  I was beginning to think it would out of style before I got any use out of it.  We haven’t had more than a dusting of snow in four years and my snow shovel is gathering cobwebs somewhere in the basement.  And everywhere you go all anyone talks about is how cold it is. 

Before you know it, though, winter will be just a memory and the winter weather wimps will go into hibernation and out will come the summer ones…

“Geez it’s so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, how will we survive this deadly heat wave?”


Christine said...

we were just saying how harsh the weather was in the old 20 or 30 years ago. People forget because the winters have been mild. And they complain.

Magic Love Crow said...

You are so funny and so right! I remember, when I was in Alaska and we were telling them we had "snow" days, they laughed at me! I know here in Canada, when we had a few deep freeze days, they closed the schools too. I didn't know why? They didn't do it for me either, when I was younger! I remember getting twice as much as snow as now! Hugs ;o)

maddyrose said...

I grew up and went to school in northern Utah where we had snow on the ground nearly all winter long and never a single snow day from school. My kids grew up in Wisconsin where the same was true and if we had 12 inches of snow fall overnight maybe then they might close the schools. My grandkids got snow days when it looked like it might snow. I agree that we are contributing to a generation of weather wimps. I wonder what's next.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

You are so right about this, and the worst offenders are the weather people! They just love to rile people up "predicting" weather doom and gloom!

Linda Bouffard said...

SO TRUE. OMG. Too funny. They have made snow to be the big bad boogey man. It's crazy. We live in New England. Of course, it's going to snow, for heaven's sake. It's winter. People in the 50's weren't whining and crying over the weather. At least I don't remember it being that way. Dare I say that I like snow?

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