Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow, colds, flus and blues

I know I have been a bit MIA of late but I hope you all can cut me some slack.  First of all I know Virginia is known for flip flopping weather patterns.  What Virginian doesn’t know the old adage…”If you don’t like the weather in Virginia, stick around for 24 hours?”  This year however, it’s been flip-flopping all over the place.  One day its almost 70 degrees and the next day its barely past zero and snowing!

This kind of weather tends to help the nasty cold and flu viruses get a good hold on the body.  So first it was my husband, then my daughter.  Guess you could say I was running a soup kitchen for a while—chicken soup kitchen that is.

And then the snow came.  In Virginia when it snows even a few flakes everything shuts down.  And when it snows 9 or 10 inches, well, you get the picture.  The grocery stores look like they’ve been looted, mail and newspaper delivery ceases. I won’t even go into the issues a little Jack Russell terrier has simply doing her morning business. And since I live on a hill, I suffer from another sort of malady…cabin fever.

Valentine's Day red

And to top it all off my husband had to work extra hours on Valentine’s Day from 4 a.m. to 11. P.M! Before you think I’m whiny let me explain.  We got engaged on Valentine’s Day, so it’s special.  So I spent the first Valentine’s Day since we’ve been married alone.  Need I say I was suffering from cabin fever and the blues?  It did help that I woke up to see the sweetest card and a cute stuffed bear holding a big red heart. 

So things are slowly getting back to normal.  The snow is starting to recede, the schools reopen on a formerly slated holiday (Presidents day) and all is right with the world.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I know just how you feel! With almost 14" here in NY, I feel like I may never get out of the house! Another 2-5 is predicted for tomorrow.

I actually have to go to NJ today--cross your fingers that the roads are good.

Crystal said...

You always get much more than we do Debby. My cousins live in New Jersey and I'm always hearing about how much they get. Hope your roads are good for your trip and I hope you don't get more snow!

Christine said...

Crystal, you love snow! Feel better soon, too bad about Valentine's though.

Crystal said...

Yes I do love snow. It's much prettier than rain. But...guess there was just too many issues at the same time. LOL

Magic Love Crow said...

Crystal, I am so sorry! I know we have tones of snow around here. It reminds me of when I was growing up. To be honest with you, I love it. I am one of the few! I don't mind driving in the snow, it's the ice I hate. I do hope the snow leaves your area soon and I hope your entire family gets better! Your Valentine's Day was sad, but your hubby made it up ;o) Take Care ;o)

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