Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fish hooks without fish

My husband.  Gotta love him.  He is very neat, does laundry, vacuums and just loves to wash dishes. He loves to fish as well, but have patience; I’ll get to that in a minute.

 He’s pretty much the perfect guy right?  In a way he is kind of like me.  When he is doing something he doesn’t quit till he’s finished. This Christmas his daughter came over with a car problem. Being the handy, considerate man that he is, he started to work on it right between slicing the turkey and eating the pie.

He went into the garage to get a tool or some such thing and couldn’t find it.  What’s a guy to do but empty the rollaway tool chest in piles around it, looking in vain?

Unbeknownst to me, he put a pile of snelled fishing hooks dead center of the passageway to my car.  For the non-fisherperson’s information, a snelled hook is a hook attached to some form of line or device.  Basically a tangled up group of fishing lines with fishhooks added to the mix.

So, fast forward a few days and I’m heading to work.  I walk smack into something.  It’s a little dark in that part of the garage and I don’t turn the light on.  Something is grabbing me and tearing at my pants.  I reach down and realize what it is.  I pull and tear and relocate a hornet’s nest of hooks in a safer part of the garage, not realizing I was taking a souvenir.

I wait on customers like I always do.  It’s after Christmas so it’s pretty busy.  After a few minutes I realize I have a snelled hook swinging sideways from the bottom of my pants.  One customer snickers.  Another customer nods her head in understanding.  I pull and try to dislodge the unwelcome guest to no avail.  No avail that is unless I want to rip a hole in my brand new pants.

I get an idea.  If I get a wire cutter, I can cut the hook in the middle and slide it out with no damage.  I look in the box of tools we keep for putting up signs and displays and found a rusty old pair of needle nosed pliers with a cutter section on it.

Snip, snip and I am free.  Not exactly what they mean when they say catch and release but at least I am hook free. 

My husband, you gotta love him.  You may ask did he ever fix that car problem?  Well, no, he didn’t, so that my friend is most likely a story for another day.


Magic Love Crow said...

I think this is kind of cute, you being his wife, it's like he caught you for the second time ;o) LOL!

Purfylle said...

Your 'catch and release' anecdote had me giggling. Yay for customers that nod understandingly.

Christine said...

glad you weren't cut by it!

Christine said...

Glad it didn't cut you.

Loris Glassworks said...

Giggle! glad you were not hurt.

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