Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pop ups, yay or nay

So I have question that I would to pose to you all.  How do you feel about websites with pop-ups? 

I realize that most bloggers put a lot of time and work into their blogs and deserve compensation.  God knows I do.  Honestly though, it is a labor of love and I never expected to be rolling in dough from my blogs. 

Most of the time I’m happy making new friends and receiving comments and suggestions.  And that has happened. 

I have to admit that pop-ups are not one of my favorite things.  It’s right up there with Captcha.  It’s bad enough you have to jump through hoops sometimes just to leave a comment.  What makes it worse is trying to navigate your way through pop up after pop up in order to even read the blog.  Sometimes I just give up and leave.  Remember those little games you had when you were a kid that had a little ball that you had to turn in just the right way to get through the little maze.  It’s kind of like that and I didn’t like those either!

So…I because I don't want to inconvenience my readers, I disabled Captcha and I look over the comments and delete the spam manually.  I also do not have pop-ups.  I’m just happy you’re here and I don’t want to make it hard to navigate the blog to leave a comment. 

To conclude…How do you feel about pop-ups?


Craftyrider said...

I leave at the first pop up on any site. And I rarely comment if the captcha doesn't let me in at my first guess.

Magic Love Crow said...

I am with you Crystal ;o)

Christine Bennett said...

I really dislike pop ups. They are worse on mobile - sometimes you can't even close them :-(

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