Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Where is the happy and jubilant Christmas magic?

Christmas magic
Drinking coffee off the counter

It’s almost Christmas and I’m wondering where or where is the happy and jubilant Christmas magic? The stores are crowded, the roads are jammed, and we all have a list a mile long before Christmas. 

Actually I’m feeling a little guilty that I never appreciated all the things my parents did to make Christmases so special.  Now that I am a parent and my kids are adults that just take everything for granted I’m feeling unappreciated.

Does anyone even notice that my husband and I work non-stop?  Do they realize that we spent days and days bringing boxes of Christmas stuff up from the basement?  Do they see we decorate 2 large trees and two small ones?  Would they even notice if we didn’t do it?

Does anyone see that I spent an entire evening addressing my Christmas cards in calligraphy?

Baking cookies loses it’s homey magic at about midnight after you spill an entire bottle of vanilla and look like a flour covered yeti.

Christmas shopping becomes a chore instead of a labor of love after you search for a parking space for an hour and then find one only to have someone zip in before you.

And lets not forget the lines where children are definitely not watching out, but crying and pouting no matter who is coming to town.

And on Christmas day everyone just shows up and expects a big dinner.  They bring their dogs and if that dog has an accident—well, it wasn’t fluffy.  Geez I’m living in a rendition of a Christmas vacation movie.

This morning after little sleep I got up and proceeded to brew a cup of coffee in the Kuerig coffee maker.  Oops, forgot to put the cup under it before I pressed brew.  Ever rush around looking for a vacant cup while coffee is spilling all over the counter?  Well, I can tell you it’s not fun.

So, I soldier on and swear next year it will be different. 

And just when I am about to chuck the turkey on the front lawn, I hear that someone received my Christmas card and loved the calligraphy so much that they are keeping the envelope.  It made them smile. It made them happy.

So I guess the jubilant Christmas magic is not in the big things.  It’s not in the lights and work and the gifts.  It’s in the smiles.  It’s there; it’s just not as obvious anymore.


Magic Love Crow said...

I have to admit Crystal, this year, mom canceled Christmas. She said she wasn't feeling well. I think it's that and a little of what you are talking about. For me, I just want family and friends around laughing and smiling, that makes it all worth it, but sad to say, I think something has been lost, in our family. I still believe! Nothing is taking that away from me!!! I'm sorry about the coffee! I love your tree and is that Christmas village yours?? Gorgeous! Merry Christmas Crystal! Thanks for being a great friend all these years! (I'm glad your calligraphy was appreciated and made someone happy!)

Crystal said...

You know Christmas is a lot of work. I think that sometimes grown kids just don't realize what their parents do to try and keep tradition alive. Maybe if they offered to do it all or just help do a little it might be easier. Next year you should set up some things for Christmas as a surprise for your mom. I'm not saying you don't help her, I know you do. Sometimes though, people need a little nudge to remind them that Christmas is not just decorations and presents, and food. All that is nice, but like you mentioned, family, laughing and smiling is the real joy of Christmas.

De la Renaissance said...

Oh yes...I've had Christmases like that over the years. And this year was one of the better ones. But I agree...I was just thinking the same thing today...what would happen if I didn't spend 2 weeks decorating inside and out. Would anyone notice?

I Love's my favorite holiday. But year after year I carry the majority of the holiday on my shoulders, and come day before Christmas, no matter how much I've prepared still gets pretty heavy when settings places, cooking, and serving for a hungry group of 20+.

I love everyone that arrives (or doesn't), and want to see them return again each year. But I never seem to get enough time to stop and savor the company we have and the fun and memories they are making. Every year I miss out on conversation and merry making.

For the first time in all the years I've hosted Christmas, for the very first time, I've had a new year I just might spend very little time decorating...and give each guest a task when they arrive. Brother #1 keeps an eye on others request for salt...sister-in-law tends to the drinks...niece keeps the gravy bowl filled...children clear the table when feast is done...etc.

I well this will work. All sharing the making of Christmas festivities...and possibly I participating in making good memories too. :0)

Crystal said...

I think that is a great idea to give all the guests chores to do so that you can enjoy the fun parts of the holiday. Since I wrote this post, I've learned that most are very willing to help. You just have to ask. It's human nature to take all the work upon oneself and in in the process lose the Christmas magic. Since this post I've received phone calls from friends thanking me for my special cookies. I've received a thank you card from a friend who came for Christmas dinner telling me that our Christmas made theirs so special. My calligraphy on the cards were really noticed. So you see it is all worthwhile. And even my Scrooge type hubby softened his stance on Christmas by the big day. Like I wrote earlier Christmas is not about the gifts, the decorations, and food. It's all about the joy and smiles that Christmas brings. As the Grinch (In my favorite Christmas story book) discovered, Christmas is a little bit more.

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