Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hit the runway with an easy to make feather barrette

Feathers are in.  You see them dangling from earrings and adding to hairstyles.  The prices to buy one can be a bit…well, lets just say, up there, but you can easily create a feather barrette for yourself or your fashion conscious little girl in minutes for pennies.

You will need:

Barrette available at your craft store or revamp an old one

Feathers (also available in small bags in the craft store)

Hot glue (adults will need to do this)

Glue sticks

Small buttons or other decorations for embellishing


1.     Purchase or cut feathers to the desired length.  You will be applying them vertically to the barrette.  Starting on one side, and using a hot glue gun, place a small dot of glue on the barrette and attach a feather.  You will be attaching each feather one at a time.  It may be helpful if you use a toothpick or butter knife to push it down so as not to burn your fingers.  Work across barrette till you have filled the barrette.  Snip off any flyaway pieces.

2.     Start from one side and add a rhinestone.  Repeat on the other side, alternating each side, until you have the desired amount of rhinestones.  Glue the main embellishment in the center.  Or, if you prefer use all rhinestones across the barrette.


Anonymous said...

these are lovely,, better than those i have saw in the shops,

craftattack said...

Great idea! Valerie

Franz said...

Nice job Crystal,congrats!
Have a beautiful weekend!!

Heather said...

These look fun to make...yes, the girls are into feathers...they both had them in their hair, but Summer has lost hers....Saylor still has hers...looks great with the red hair!
happy suaturday, hope your weather is as nice as ours! xo

Catherine Denton said...

I know someone who would love this! Thanks for the tutorial-it looks easy enough for me to make. :)

P.S. Two days in a row! Maybe my problem is solved.

maddyrose said...

I think I'm going to try making some of these to give as gifts. Looks like something even I can handle. Have a great weekend, Crystal.

Marlene said...

Hi Crystal, thanks for your sweet comment on my Morning Glories. This is a very cool WIP - I have seen the teeny bobbers wearing these, may be a fun project for Christmas.

Lee Pierce said...

Cute idea! thanks for sharing - you make it look so easy :D

Maggie said...

Great idea for gifts! Hmmm... maybe I should make some for myself out of gray and white feathers and pin them all over the top of my head to cover the really thin spots. People might mistake me for a really large bird, tho.

Magic Love Crow said...

Excellent! I love feathers on everything! Thanks for sharing this idea!

Jehanne's doodles said...

This is great! I have some barretes that have suffered and I have feathers- so I will go a-gluing :)

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