Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to make mini origami shirt earrings

Lightweight and colorful, these earrings are easy and inexpensive to make.  Try your hand at the age-old art of origami.  I’ve tried to include plenty of photos…alas, hubby wasn’t around so I had to take them with one hand…click to enlarge for a better view.

You will need:

Origami paper (available at craft stores)

1 ½” head pin (gold or silver color as preferred)

Fishhook ear wires to match head pin

Needle nosed pliers, wire cutters

Scissors, ruler, tacky craft glue

Seed beads or tiny sequins

1. For each pair of earrings cut 2 rectangles 3 “ x 1 1/2”

2.  To make an origami shirt, fold the paper in half lengthwise.  Fold each side to the center fold line.  Turn over

3.  Fold top down 1/8” inch. Turn over.

4.  Fold each corner inward at an angle.  This represents the collar.

5.  Fold up the bottom end about ½” inch, crease.  Fold again to meet the top collar edge and tuck under color.  Shirt is made minus the sleeves.


This is how sleeves look inside when you open what you folded

6.  To make the sleeves…this is the only tricky part:  Reopen the shirt  at the bottom fold and pull out the corner edge a little bit and press down.  It will resemble a sleeve.  Refold back to shirt shape and smooth and crease all folds tucking bottom edge back under collar.

7.  To add the jewelry findings reopen the folds again and on the fold closest to the top poke a head pin in the center.  Add a bit of glue (This insures it will not open anymore) down the line of the head pin and refold, tucking securely under the color. Glue on a couple of seed beads or sequins for buttons.  Let dry completely.

 8.  When dry, trim the head pin to allow about an 1/8 of an inch coming out of the collar.  Using the needle nosed pliers bend to the left, then bending to the right to almost but not quite form a ring, slip on the fish hook ear wire making sure it is facing in the correct direction.  Continue bending until the edges close.

9.  Follow the steps to make the other earring.

HINT:  If you have trouble making the sleeves just leave them off.  The shirt still looks cute without sleeves.


maddyrose said...

Thanks Crystal. As soon as I can get some paper I'm going to make some for my granddaughter.

craftattack said...

Thanks a lot; i will def. be having a try at these! Valerie

Heather said...

oh these are fun!!!!!!!!!Thanks for sharing!!
what a cute fift idea!

LadyCat said...

These are so cute and colorful. You are so creative!

Magic Love Crow said...

Thanks so much Crystal! You are so talented!!!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Absolutely awesome!!!

Faye said...

Wow ,Crystal, these are so adorable. I will have to show these to Masayo, who is coming over today to make Christmas cards with me. Thanks for visiting me on my challenge blog.

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hastingshall2.blogspot.com (Challenge blog)

Diana Evans said...

oh this is such a cute tutorial!!! I have a friend that creates these shirts out of cash for tips when we eat out....very cute!!!!

Leovi said...

Great idea, I like those earrings, excellent tutorial.

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