Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall, my favorite art supply

What is your very favorite art supply?  Is it a special brush, or a color?  Could it be that you just love a certain medium and no other?  Perhaps your favorite art supply is a certain kind of paper?

We all have favorites, but ask me and I will tell you my favorite art supply is... a mirror!  Yes, you read it right, a mirror that I have hanging in my studio.  No, it’s not there to admire my beauty.  It’s not there to check out weather I have applied my makeup without any lines of demarcation. It's not there to ask it who might be the fairest of them all.  It is a tool I use to see what my eyes cannot see straight on.

Whenever I am painting something and something just feels wrong, I simply hold it up to the mirror and all of a sudden, like magic, it becomes transparent to me.  I see where it may need touching up, or adjusting.  I have been doing this since I was little and don’t ask me how I discovered it because I have no idea.  Try it and you will be amazed and will soon be hanging a mirror in your own studio! (If you haven’t already)


craftattack said...

This is true. A mirror, or a quick snapshot, and all the mistakes show up! Have a good day,
PS Your mirror is very pretty!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

So few people realize what a great tool the mirror is! Also scanning an aceo shows many mistakes you normally can't see due to size.

laurie said...

oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one who does this,,

Jehanne's doodles said...

I have tried and seen the mistake but not how to fix it :)
Love your mirror though, it is gorgeous!!

maddyrose said...

I was 8 years old and coloring with crayons while riding in the car when I saw that by looking at the reflection of my drawing in the window I was able to see areas I'd missed that I couldn't see otherwise. I think you have to be a kid to learn this trick or have someone tell you about it. I also turn things up side down to get a new perspective.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thanks for sharing that neat trick--I never would have thought of it!

Heather said...

oh this is a fab idea!
I have never tried that before - yikes i am afraid of what i might find! LOL
cool idea -

some of my fave things
Alazarin Crimson watercolor
copic markers
Micron pen 005

Magic Love Crow said...

This is such a cool idea!! Thanks so much for sharing this!! I am going to get a mirror tomorrow!!!

izzy said...

Sometimes turning the page, canvas
etc. helps me as well! thanks.

Dolly Daydreams said...

Firstly what a beautiful mirror ! A great tip too must give it a go !


Lee Pierce said...

Ha! I love it. It's gonna save me the time I scan or photo to check out mu work. Great tip Crystal! :^)

Liz Revit said...

Crystal, a mirror is a fabulous tool to use when creating art.

I love tracing paper and using it to work up my initial sketches. Tracing paper is so easy to work on.

Maggie said...

Great advice, Crystal! And it really works! I also have a mirror in my craft area.

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