Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Greetings

As Christmas draws near I would like to share with you my blogging friends and readers this poem by Edgar Guest.  It truly says what is my heart.  As I decorate my home with stockings hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there I reflect on my many blessings.  I am grateful for snowman and flowers and truly good friends and family.
 The best gifts of all cannot be unwrapped in a box. I enjoy miniature villages and icicle lights. I am enjoy my ornaments and snow-globes and stars on the tree.  I am grateful for magical twinkling lights, nutcrackers and cookies.  And-- as I cough and hack with this awful Christmas cold, I am grateful for my cold medicines, pillows and beds.  See you all soon! 

A Friend's Greeting
Edgar Guest

"I'd like to be the sort of friend
  that you have been to me;
I'd like to be the help that you've been 
always glad to be;

I'd like to mean as much to you
 each minute of the day

As you have meant, old friend of mine,
 to me along the way.
I'd like to do the big things
 and the splendid things for you,

To brush the gray out of your skies
 and leave them only blue;

I'd like to say the kindly things
 that I so oft have heard,

And feel that I could rouse your soul
 the way that mine you've stirred.
I'd like to give back the joy
 that you have given me,

Yet that were wishing you a need
 I hope will never be;

I'd like to make you feel
 as rich as I, who travel on

Undaunted in the darkest hours
 with you to lean upon.
I'm wishing at this Christmas time
 that I could but repay

A portion of the gladness
 that you've strewn along the way;

And could I have one wish this year,
 this only would it be:

I'd like to be the sort of friend
 that you have been to me."
Thanks to Stacey from Magic Love Crow for the adorable baby crow aceo's!  I love them so much!!!  And thanks to my friend Heather from Rosehill designs for the wonderful Christmas card that hangs on the top of my Christmas card tree! 


craftattack said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours Crystal! Valerie

jyothisethu said...

this post itself is a great gift...

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, beautiful post!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Enjoyed your sweet post, Crystal! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Carol said...

Merry Christmas!!!! Your post is wonderful and I'm stealing your poem for a special person in my life!

Magic Love Crow said...

Merry Christmas Crystal ;o) Great post! I love it! I am so happy you got your surprise before Christmas ;o) They look very happy in your home ;o) Take Care ;o)

Lee Pierce said...

Merry Christmas, Crystal! Hope you are feeling better soon ;)

Judy Adamson said...

Thank you for a lovely post, Crystal - and for all those that have preceded it! I hope you feel better for Christmas and have a wonderful time!

Betsy said...

Merry, merry Christmas, Crystal! I do hope Santa takes your cold away! ha. I enjoyed looking through your recent posts...what clever ways to give money, cards and such. Have a wonderful holiday weekend! :)

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