Monday, January 23, 2012

How to assemble a simple grooming kit for your horse

Since I have run a Tack shop for many years, I am never surprised when a new horse owner walks in the door and asks…what should they purchase? Most big box pet stores do not carry items for use with 900 lb. animals so where do you go to get the supplies you need to keep your new pet in tip-top shape?  A Tack shop will carry all the items needed and many more. You can, of course, purchase most, if not all, of the items online but be aware of the shipping costs involved.

First off, you will need to get something to keep all of your supplies portable and readily available.  They make specific tack totes but don’t be afraid to improvise and use any tote that will work for your needs.

Tack tote items:

A book on grooming contains helpful advice

A soft bristled face brush for the muzzle, nose, eyes and ears. 

A stiff bristle brush to remove dried mud and dirt from the body is one of the most useful tools to include.  You can get one that has a strap across it for your hand or just a plain bristle brush.

Hoofs picks, tools for removal of dirt and stones from the hooves, are inexpensive and are always part of a grooming kit.  Although there are many styles, they all achieve the same purpose.  Decorative styles are a personal preference.  You may also purchase folding styles that can easily fit into your pocket when trail riding.

At least one round rubber or plastic curry for removing dried dirt. 

 A mane comb is another item that should be part of your grooming kit.  You can purchase them at tack stores or beauty supply stores.  It is invaluable in removing knots and tangles from the mane and tail.  You might also want to pick up a small bottle of detangler spray so you can slide through those tough knots.

Synthetic sponges, always useful

Many people also include a tool known as a sweat scraper, sometimes called an “Indian towel.” Its use is for removal of excess water and sweat from the horse’s body.

A small bottle of shampoo

Fly spray or wipes

Don’t forget to include a small pack of horse treats.  After a grooming session it is always nice to reward your horse.

Hint: Do not limit yourself to the usual places thought of when purchasing items for your kit.  Beauty supply stores have long borrowed items developed for the horse industry.

The items listed are for a basic grooming kit only.  As you ride your interests may develop.  A grooming kit for a show, for example, will have many more essential items added to the kit.


Jennifer Noel Bower said...

I love those collapsible buckets too. Great for bath time or when you need to soak a hoof. I'd forgotten you ran a tack shop. Very cool. Living my dream in more ways than one.

craftattack said...

I never realised how much was necessary! Valerie

izzy said...

Yup-Plus I would recommend the little jar of bug/ antiseptic (clear not pink!) and you can store it in a plastic or cloth bag if you run out of money! :)

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

I agree, Swat is a good one to try and it comes in clear. Also it would be a good idea to put a roll or two of vet wrap in the bag. If you are using your kit for first aid as well, some wonder dust is good to have as well as some absorbine liniment.

Magic Love Crow said...

That's a lot of items Crystal, but then horses are big! Have a great day ;o)

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I was a horse trainer for 30 years before total knee replacements and back fusion. I always found the simple basic items to be the best. New fancy items would come out and we'd give them a try and slowly drift back to old favorites.

I love the painting of the horse's eye!

Catherine Denton said...

Love to look at and ride horses, but I'm clueless as to how much care they take.
Catherine Denton

Daniella said...

Your card is lovely!!
I don't have any need to get horse supplies, but if I do need them, I know who to ask!!

Anonymous said...

I had most of those things when I had Lightning the 1200lb quarter horse! Good advice!

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