Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Would I look distinguished wearing a monocle?

When did my once perfect 20/20 vision go south for the winter?  When did I need a quadruple magnifying mirror to put on my makeup?  I’d like to think that my eyes paid the price for the miniature art I favor, but truth be told it’s just that when I wasn’t looking a few years crept up on me.

They haven’t invented contact lenses that don’t blur my far sight while correcting my near sight so eyeglasses are a necessary evil.

After looking at tons of eyeglass frames I decided on a rimless model.  To me that is the closest thing to not wearing any glasses.  This is the reason that when my prescription changes, I simply put new lenses in my old frames.

Last week due to a really weird, freaky accident my brother stepped on my glasses and twisted them beyond recognition.  Clodhoppers will do that.  I tried to put them to right and when I did, they snapped in half!  They were not even nerdy geek tape-able.  The two separate lenses were now independent of each other!  They had become for all practical purposes--monocles. (In case you have never watched an old movie, a monocle is a single eyeglass held in position by the muscles around the eye, with a fancy little string attached--very distinguished and favored by old time British politicians) 

I have to admit I was beyond disappointed when I visited my local optometry store and discovered they no longer carried rimless. I scoured the Internet for any place that would repair my old ones.   After an exhaustive search (Isn’t anyone else attached to their favorite glasses?)  the good news is that I did find a place and they were able to repair them.

And what was the weird, freaky accident? Well, let’s just say it was my fault and that a lesson was learned:

 From now on, I just need to keep them off the floor and on my head.


Heather said...

hee hee hee!
yes, the eye glasses have changed...they are all dark rimmed now...i agree, i don't like wearing glasses either...( i like to call mine coke bottles) good thing i wear contacts....im not ready for a monocle yet...i would probably lose it! ha ha!love the horse in one, though!
happy day to you my friend!

maddyrose said...

I was wondering how your glasses got stepped on. Mine usually get sat upon. Pretty much ends up with the same results. I wore contacts as long as I was able and never could see well with them but it was better that glasses with lenses an inch thick. Now I just go around not seeing much of anything.

Anonymous said...

Crystal...all I can say is, "what determination you have"!!!
BTW...your horse must be British because he looks very proper in his monocle :)

Anonymous said...

a monocle for both eyes would certainly set a new fashion statement! happy you found a place to fix them...yes on the head is better! ;-)

craftattack said...

I like rimless ones best too, but I NEVER leave them on the floor!!! Valerie

Your Craft Book said...

I can fully understand how difficult it is working when your eyes finally decide they are no longer young. It was such a pain when it happened to me and I could not believe the speed with which they deteriorated.

So last year I treated myself and had Lasik eye surgery and it was the best gift I gave myself. I have what they call mono vision, in other words one eye is for reading and the other eye is for distance.

Let me say it is fantastic and I love that I was able to ditch both sets of glasses. The best thing ever, keep it in mind if you ever get to the point that you are tired of glasses. I am so pleased that I did it. I can now thread a needle again and also read street signs. My eyes are back to 20/20, yeah!!! Maureen.

Anonymous said...

oh my stepped on glasses, not good.
I think they still have rimless at clearly contacts online but I'm not sure what the quality is,, I have never tried them, my eyes are beyond glasses the only thing that will help mine is divine intervention!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I this your monocled horse looks very proper!

I find it so frustrating to wear glasses, too. Now I need them for distance & driving, too. I wanted to do what Maureen said, but alas, I am not a candidate for Lasix for other reasons.

Jehanne's doodles said...

haha that is so funny. I had the same problem last year when I was told I by the optician that my rimless frames were the reason for my vision problems - they had given up the ghost.
I live in hope that rimless will come back in fashion soon. In the meanwhile I wear a pair of the most discrete black frames I was able to find on the market - I think of them as my geek frames :)

Like the horse.

Carol L McK said...

I love the horse with the monocle! Tres chic ~ Glad you got your glasses fixed ~ Even eye glasses have to follow the trend I guess ~ would prefer the rimless if I had to get new 'driving glasses' ~ namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey) and A Creative Harbor)

Phoenix Peacock said...

Currently I am wearing the cutest glasses I've ever owned... and they irritate the crap out of me. They refuse to sit right even after having them adjusted several times. sigh. eventually I'll save enough pennies to buy new ones!

meanwhile. the monocle looks great on the horse!

Faye said...

Oh, what a happy ending to a near disaster! So glad you found someone to repair the glasses. We do get attached to things like eyeglasses and watches and such. Thanks for visiting my blogspot blog.

Daniella said...

I love the monocle on the horse!! LOL he does look distinguished!!
Sorry about your glasses! I love my frames too, and I would freak out if I couldn't find them! My frames are no frame on the bottom frameless. Is that what you have????

Magic Love Crow said...

Crystal, I am happy they were fixed, and I do think they are better on your head, not the floor ;o) LOL!

Christine said...

Your monocled horse is so cute, I had to laugh! Glad you got your glasses fixed!

montyandrosie said...

Losing the eyesight thing is pretty naff isn't it! I hate it because my eyesight was always perfect. Oh, well.

As for leaving glasses on the floor - I left a pair of Raybans on the floor and they suffered the same kind of weird, freaky accident!

Gloria said...

My glasses have black rims? Is that what they are called? tee hee. I like them like that. Before the dark rims I wore look alike John Lennon glasses. As long as I can paint and read, it doesn't matter what my glasses looked like. I'm happy that you were able to find someone to fix your glasses. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, appreciate it, take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

Carol L McK said...

Love the horse with the 'bad hair' day ~ excellent ~ so well done ~ namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey) ~ Happy PPF ^_^

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