Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ouch at the apple festival!

My husband swears I channel Lucille Ball. Either that or I am channeling the unknown Murphy of Murphy’s law.  You know…"If any thing can go wrong it will."

Last weekend I thought it would be a nice idea to go to a nearby Apple Festival and although it wasn’t really my husband’s thing being the great guy he is, he readily agreed. The day was gorgeous with warm temperatures, and colorful trees to enjoy. Pretty soon the enticing aroma of kettle corn, Brunswick stews and bar-b-cue was to tempting to ignore.

I got my lunch and it included French fries.  What do you usually put on French fries but ketchup?  I reached into the basket that held the condiments and OUCH…a splinter found it’s way under my fingernail.  I tried to pull it out with my fingers but I just couldn’t get a grip. 

Then came the quest…. the hunt for the tweezers.

I went back to the cashier and asked if she had a first aid kit that had one included in it.  She enlisted the help of cooks, and cleaners but they couldn’t find it.  Then some boy scouts got involved.  Let me tell you one thing…they were NOT prepared. 

So they called the farm owner and she came down with an industrial sized first aid kit.  The stuff included in that kit was enough to supply a small hospital, but alas, a hospital with giant tweezers.  I don’t understand the need for giant tweezers unless it’s for removing olives out of a jar. They are pretty much useless for grabbing a tiny splinter peeking out from under a fingernail.  All it managed to do was push it in even further.

The owner suggested I go over to the rescue squad station and ask if they had some tweezers.  So our hunt continued.

“Over by the porta-potties.” She said 


We found the porta-potties but nothing that resembled a rescue squad station.

We finally spied an older gentlemen standing by a truck that had fire department printed on the side.  My husband asked if he knew where the rescue squad station was and he told us he was it.  So honestly it came as no surprise that he had no tweezers.  He did have a knife, however but I opted to keep all 10 fingers in tact.

I momentarily considered asking strangers who carried large purses if they included tweezers, but reconsidered when my husband said people might think I was bit loopy.

So I figured I would just tough it out and wait till I got home.  When we arrived home I went into my studio, put on my super magnifying headgear, got a fine pair of tweezers and voila…. I was splinter free.  Just for future reference, I am keeping these tweezers in my purse from now on.

Incidentally, my husband loved the apple pie.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Too bad you had to wait all day, but glad you got the splinter out. I always say, "with the right tools, you can do anything!"

Christine said...

so glad you got it out!

Wanda said...

Oh something so small can cause so much pain. I carry a small pair of scissors, but I think I will add tweezers,

When I was in highschool, I slid off the back of an old wooden truck bed on a Hay Ride, and got a splinter in my "behind". It hid itself for almost a year, and then festered and popped out!!!

Everyone has a splinter story! HaHa

maddyrose said...

Splinters are always so much fun to remove. Aren't they? I usually manage to break the darn thing and then there's always a little teeny piece that stays behind to become infected.

Magic Love Crow said...

Crystal, what are we going to do with you???? ;o))) I am so happy you got it out! Splinters can be painful!!!!

Rita said...

Of all the paraphernalia I have hauled around in my purse, I have never thought of tweezers! Good advice! :)

Glad he loved the pie!

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