Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas is coming; the goose (from too many cookies) is getting fat

Last weekend we visited Christmas town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. After seeing all the hundreds of thousands of lights twinkling everywhere one looked, I will never again complain about the three strands in my dining room that refuse to cooperate. 

When I was a kid Santa’s were usually heavyset guys with a barely attached fake beard who smelled like garlic and sometimes whiskey.  We still believed.  Gullible and innocent as we were, my parents told us that even though it wasn’t the big guy, it was a look-alike helper. 

Now I find that Santa’s almost everywhere are real!  I’m an adult and I believe.  Do you think it’s because kids these day are a little smarter than we were?

As we traveled the much-lighted pathways we soon found ourselves at the Fest House.  Yes, fest house, where they sang almost all of the carols I’ve ever heard.  I admit it I joined in even off key I couldn’t damage the mood. 

The highlight came as my husband tried to scale Mt. Chocolate (cake).  He didn’t want the world to see him eat this gargantuan confection so I edited him out, trust me--- the cake was as big as his head.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday as much as I am.

I got lucky and won a gorgeous Santa from Maddy at Santa and the Mrs.. Check out her awesome blog! I love, love, love him and I believe. 


Wanda said...

Oh that sounds like much fun. We are going to the Galeria in Glendale next week. We were given a gift card to the Cheese Cake Facory in the Mall... so will enjoy the lights and decorations, and then feast on dinner and cheesecake...that sounds like Christmas to me...

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Congrats on winning that lovely Santa! I have only slowly begun decorating as we like to wait for our daughter to come home for college break.

Faye said...

Williamsburg is such a magical place in December. I should go every year, but I haven't. I'm only about 90 minutes from there. So glad you had such a great time.

Magic Love Crow said...

That's one big piece of cake! LOL! I still believe ;o) I love the Santa you won!!! Congrats!!!

Judy Adamson said...

Congratulations on winning the Santa, Crystal!

(Judging by the colour of his nose, I think he may have been at the whisky :D)

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