Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all

Not to sound like a complainer, but this Christmas season has been the pits.  

After our trip to Florida for three days to visit relatives we came back to our 55-gallon fish tank leaking. We cleaned up the mess and then (See previous post) we went out a bought a 37-gallon fish tank to transfer the fish, which were biding their time in an interim tank. Hey, it happens, after all the fish tank was 25 years old.

Then the dryer broke.  Honestly I haven’t used a clothesline in years.  In fact I haven’t even seen one since I visited Amish country several years ago.  So, we went out and bought a new dryer.  Hey, it happens after all, the dryer was 12 years old.

So yesterday my husband worked all day fixing the new tank and transferred the fish from the interim tank, and then he went Christmas shopping. I figured I would take a nice hot shower.  As I relished the steamy warmth, I heard a loud noise.  I shrugged it off as a figment of my overactive imagination.  When I came downstairs…the new fish tank had burst.  All 37 gallons of water was seeping into the carpet where the fish (sadly) lay dead.
A fine crack that was already in the tank had worked its way all across and the pressure of the water pushed everything out. I can only imagine the speed with which it exploded.

HEY, that shouldn’t happen the tank was only several hours old!!! 

Honestly I do write fiction, but I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to.  Part of me just wanted to say—“Christmas is canceled”, but the rest of me wasn’t going down without a fight.  I grabbed my umbrella, (37 gallons of water makes an umbrella a necessity) and got to moving all the storage items that were stored in the very, very damp basement to a dry area. We are, however, done with fish tanks.  Judging from the recent events I think that the universe is trying to send us a message. 

So on Christmas Eve, we took the defective tank back to the pet store.  and I sat in wait for the delivery of my new dryer.  At least I won’t have to string a clothesline.  The turkey is in the oven, and the standing rib roast is standing at the ready.  Soon I will have a ton of people over and I will celebrate Christmas.  I always say that good things come from bad.  Good thing number one is that I will HAVE to go through boxes of stuff that have been in my basement for years gathering dust.  I’ll take the junk to the dump and the good stuff to Goodwill.  I also got a cool new dryer, and I’ll get a new rug for my office. Because no matter what problems I have, I still feel as if I am the most blessed woman on earth, and yes I will have a Merry Christmas and I hope you all have the best Christmas ever!

Merry Christmas and a (dry) and Happy New Year!


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

ooohhhhh I am so sorry for all that.
Hope you have a nice day today and a happier new year.


Abby / Linda said...

Merry Christmas to you too! I'm so glad that you can have a good attitude about all that! Enjoy your day!!!

Marcia said...

Oh Crystal that is so sad about your fish! I'm sorry. What a hassle also to clean up all that mess.

Christine said...

Oh what a string of unfortunate events! The poor fish too, and all that mess.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

So sorry to hear about the unfortunate fish tank explosion. No time is ever good for these things to happen. Hope the new year brings happier events!

Magic Love Crow said...

Big Hugs My Friend ;o) You have the right way to look at things! I wish you all the best for the New Year and yes, let it be a dry one for you ;o) I hope you had a very special Christmas ;o)

Wanda said...

OK, I'm NOT laughing this time. You have truly been tested to the limit~~

However your dinner sounds lovely, and I'm sure you were the hostess with the mostess.

The New Year can only get better, don't you think? Your attitude is the key to happiness, and you've got that down.. Love and Hugs

Right now I'm glad "Freddie" is a small beta fish in my small bowl!! But that's another story too.

Tina Pippo said...

Wow! Tough luck, right? Too bad for the dead fish :(
Well, Happy, wonderful, great Holidays cause you deserve them!!!

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