Sunday, March 10, 2013

Auto incorrect 2

You know that automatic spelling corrector on my cell phone just keeps getting sassier and sassier. 

Yesterday I wanted to meet my daughter for lunch.  I was running late so I figured I would shoot her a text to let her know I would be there in a bit, and this is the ridiculous text that resulted:

Me:  Ok, I'll be there in a habit

She:  You're coming dressed as a nurse?

Me:  Ha ha very funny didn't you mean nun?

She:  Alright I guess auto correct got us both!

This is not as embarrasing as some things we have said to each other, but my blog is G-rated so I'll just leave it to your imagination.

Moral of the story:  Always make sure you approve your text before hitting send.

By the way, the sun shined all day yesterday and the temps jumped well into the sixties, three days after the major snowfall of 2013.  Virginia you gotta love it.  


Tina Pippo said...

hahaha! I've seen many autocorrected massenges over the internet that are really embarasing! Your conversations is well.. ok! haha!
Have a great week!!

Christine said...

funny! I just sent an email off into the universe today, having mistyped a bit of it.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I have not moved into the texting age yet, but I know my daughter often gets frustrated with this. I do love this time of year since snow doesn't hang around long here, either!

Judy Adamson said...

Probably just as well it was your daughter you were texting, Crystal :) We're back into winter here, after a taste of spring last month. A lot of the UK has snow again and we might get some this week. I normally like snow but it's too late in the year to be any fun :(

Magic Love Crow said...

Texting is like writing a fast e-mail, always check! LOL! We had rain yesterday, but the later part of the week is sun ;o) Have a great one ;o)

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