Thursday, March 14, 2013

Greek or American…Easter

Let me state right off the bat, I am American, born in the good old U S of A but I am 100% of Greek descent.  So that makes me Greek Orthodox. 

Now growing up in the south there weren’t too many Greeks around and we had to travel 50 miles to go to church.  Going to church became an all day event.  I know, I know, that was a bit excessive but Greek parents are nothing if not devout. 

Things have changed through the years, and there are now many more Greeks in the town and a church nearby.  The thing that hasn’t changed in that time is Easter.  I don’t know all the logistics of it; I just know that once in a while Greek Easter co-insides with American Easter but most of the time it is a bit later. Usually it’s the following week, but sometimes it is way later. 

Take this year…American Easter is March 31. Greek Easter is…May…5th.

Now trying to explain this to a non-Greek is a bit difficult, but there are benefits.

When we were kids we had two Easters.  We had two Easter baskets, because our parents wanted us to fit in.  We colored eggs two times and our parents always got their candy ½ price.  And if we were lucky we had two Easter egg hunts in the backyard.

When I grew up I married an Irishman. So now I am Greek-Irish.  And I still celebrate Eater twice.  After all it doesn’t matter if your Easter bunny says “Opa” or “ speaks with a brogue, it’s still—Easter.


Christine said...

Nice painting! The Easters are far apart this year!

lenoracle said...

I am Canadian but I work at a Greek banquet hall (attached to a church). I noticed last year the Greek Easter was one week later and this year it's five. I thought it was very odd! Very late one this year. The unfortunate thing for me is I end up working most of my Easter weekend, and have the Greek Easter off so I don't really get to spend any time with my family. But I never knew until I worked there that the Greek orthodox Easter is different. I learn so much working there!

I hope you enjoy both of your Easters!

maddyrose said...

What kid wouldn't love celebrating Easter twice? Coloring the eggs and then the hunt for them and getting a pretty basket filled with jelly beans, peeps and chocolate bunnies and then there's the new outfit for church, and the fancy dinner afterwards with dessert and maybe a new stuffed animal.... and getting it all twice??? Some people have all the luck! ;0)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Sweet bunny! You're right, it doesn't matter when you celebrate--it's all about the same thing!

Magic Love Crow said...

I agree with you totally! It's the same in our house ;o)

Judy Adamson said...

That's a gorgeous bunny, Crystal!

And I've always wondered why Easter can't be on the same date - or the nearest Sunday to it! - each year, instead of being a 'movable feast'.

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