Thursday, July 4, 2013

ABC—N is for Nuthatch

You know when I started this nature themed ABC book I thought that the hardest letters would be letters like Q or Z.  I never dreamed that a really hard letter might be N!

Think about it, how many words that relate to nature can you think of that begin with the letter N?  Hard isn’t it?

Well, I thought and thought and thought some more and I did come up with one, and it was right on my backyard deck at the bird feeder. It was of course, a nuthatch.I quickly pencil sketched  this little guy while he was crawling down a tree in a dizzying manner. While researching nuthatches I discovered that they are one of the only species of bird that creep down trees!  Very acrobatic of you ask me!!

Nuthatches get their name because they grab nuts and seeds, take them to a tree, wedge them under some bark and whack at it with their beaks, in effect hatching the nut.  So…N in my view is for nuthatch.  How many natural items can you come up with for the letter N?


Christine said...

Interesting birds, nature is amazing.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Beautiful nuthatch!

narwhal, narcissus, ???

Judy Adamson said...

I've never seen a nuthatch in spite of having a garden full of nut trees when my family were young! You are very lucky to have spotted one and I love your illustration, Crystal!

The only N I can come up with, apart from 'Nature' itself, is 'newt' and I don't know much about them, though I think Shakespeare mentions them :D

Magic Love Crow said...

I love Nuthatches! I love the noise they make! I didn't realize why they are called "Nuthatch"! Thanks teacher Crystal ;o) I can't think of any other "N's". Take Care ;o)

anastasia anezinis said...

Hi,Crystal!Thanks so much for following my blog!I'm your follower on your amazing blog!
big hugs from Greece

Faye said...

We have the Nuthatch here in central Virginia, only it seems like he's around in the winter. I could be wrong about that They always look like they are on the trees backwards to me. Beautiful art work.

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