Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Crystal eye view of the best Christmas movies and TV…

Not a partridge in sight, just pears

 I love Christmas.  I admit it.  I decorate my house in every available nook and cranny.   As soon as I jump out of bed in the morning, I am unconsciously humming carols. I suppose I must be pretty annoying to anyone with an ounce of Ebenezer in them. So it goes to reason that right after Thanksgiving I start pulling out the Holiday movies and scan the TV listings for Holiday favorites and specials. 

I’m thinking that I’ve seen “The Grinch that stole Christmas" so often that I can narrate right along with Boris Karloff.  The scary thing is that I never get tired of them.  I have cried thousands of tears at the sappy moments and laughed myself silly at some of the funny ones.  So being the Christmas connoisseur that I am, I have compiled a list of my favorite Holiday entertainment.  

They are presented in no specific order because I could never presume to say which of them belongs at the top.

Andy Griffith Show (1960) Christmas Story – This episode never fails to make me tear up.  Look it up, it’s a good one that will fill you will holiday spirit.

“A Christmas Carol.”  Forget about all those remakes. The best one is the black and white version that stars Alastair Sim. 

“A Christmas Story.”  How can you not fall in love with Ralphie and his obsession with a BB gun?

“Babes in Toyland.”  This old 1934 movie is available colorized and stars Laurel and Hardy. An alternate title is “March of the wooden soldiers.” 

“A Charlie Brown Christmas.”  I always get choked up when Charlie’s scrawny little tree transforms into a thing of beauty

 “Christmas with the Kranks.”

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”   When I bring out the “Christmas Vacation movie, holiday has officially started for me.  Too large trees, light’s that won’t light, in-laws, presents, and bonuses, this movie has it all and then some.

“Elf.” Try not to laugh too hard when Will Ferrell's innocent man-child brags in reference to Santa, "I know him, I know him!"

“Four Christmases.” In this day and age, who hasn’t been in that situation?

“Home Alone.”  Forget about the sequels the first one is the best.  “Home Alone” Is every child’s dream…and nightmare.

“How the Grinch stole Christmas.”  Oh my, it’s the hairy green guy with the tiny heart!  Dr. Seuss was a genius in capturing the essence of Christmas.

“It’s a wonderful life.” I love this movie so much I have a large poster of it framed in my family room.

“Miracle on 34th Street.”  Rare is the movie that causes you to remember the first time you saw it.  This is one of those.  Forget the remakes and opt for the original.

“Polar Express.”

“Prancer.”  Don’t miss this sentimental charmer.   It will make you remember what it was like when you were a child.

“Scrooged.”  Bill Murray stars in a modern day “Christmas Carol.” Just watch out for Carol Kane's wand!

“White Christmas” is simply classic.

“The Santa Clause.”  More holiday fun with Tim Allen.


Carol Blackburn said...

Great post, Crystal. Like those pears, too. Your falling snowflakes add such a seasonal touch to your blog. :)

Lee said...

Christmas Vacation is my favorite! Great post!
Holiday Inn is fun to watch from Thanksgiving to Christmas, too.

Purple Pony Art said...

Ah yes, Christmas programs :-) I saw Elf for the first time last year and I loved it! I thought it was going to be too silly. I should put It's a Wonderful Life on my to-watch list.

jamberry_song said...

Love the pears and the lovely little snowflakes on your page! ^__^

And this is a great list; all real good films in there. :D Happy holidays!

Crystal Cook said...

What a fun blog you have! Lovely art and enjoyable posts! And Elf is my FAVORITE Christmas movie ever! That is my favorite part too!

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