Sunday, December 26, 2010

The day after

Arabian in snow ACEO

Christmas has come and gone. Snow remains on the ground, which is a nice change.  It’s not too much, just enough to turn the grass white but not keep you holed up in the house for too long, a currier and Ives print.

The thing that Mr. Currier and Mr. Ives never pictured is the crowd of people standing in line to return a Christmas gift. Either the size would never fit or it just wouldn’t fit…the personality.

The dilemma is not to hurt anyone’s feelings.  I mean a husband who buys a sweater that is two sizes too small, is very flattering and kinda sweet.  Squeezing into said sweater to go to lunch with your girlfriends, well, that’s just suicide.

And even when the fit is technically correct, maybe the style is not exactly yours.  Who hasn’t at one time or another received one of those sweaters with buttons the size of dinner plates and little snowmen dancing down the front? 

Return etiquette and sensitivity dictates that we makeup good excuses to the giver of a non-fitting gift.  If they leave a gift receipt in the box you can surreptitiously take it back without them being the wiser if not, then excuses are necessary.

So my excuses go something like this:

“Oh my god, I love it, I feel so bad that it is just too large, I know it’s a Medium and that is what I usually wear but it must be very well made.”

“Oh my god, I love it, I feel so bad that it’s just too small.  Sizes are just so varied from one manufacturer to another.”

And for someone who asks if you’re happy with your gift:

“Oh yes, I love it, I wore it the other day and it’s in the laundry.”

“I am just devastated that my husband washed it in hot water with the towels and it shrunk terribly.”

If all else fails pull off one of those gigantic buttons and plead damage, then delegate it to the back of the closet till you get the chance to sew it back on.  Note:  You will never sew it back on.

Many happy returns,


Hope Adela said...

wow you're a great artist! i love horses; they're so free and wild and always have a magical otherwordly vibe to them =)

Art with Liz said...

Wonderful animals so beautiful painted!

Am listening to the music on your blog post - amazing! What and who is it?

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful painting Crystal! And, I love the excuses! LOL!

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