Monday, December 27, 2010

Gift boxing day!

Winter arabian ACEO

Dear Department store,

I bought a gift this Christmas from your store and asked for a gift box so I could package and wrap it.  You gave me this flat box…not a top and a bottom, just a cardboard one-sie.

I took this contraption home and got ready to settle the innocent sweater into the section designated as the bottom.  (At least that is what I assumed was the bottom) I attempted to close the box but much like an angry transformer the attached top flattened out.  Whose idea of a joke was that?  I fiddled with it and finally got it to close with only a rip or two, even though the back had a mind of it’s own was bound and determined to reestablish it’s original flat shape.

When the holiday was but a pleasant memory, I decided I would save the box.  After all who doesn’t want to recycle and reuse? This was no ordinary box, however. Now that its shape was box-like it wanted to remain, box-like. 

I pulled and pushed, flattened and tore, but flat it would never again be.  Finally with one last impatient move, I ripped it to shreds. 

In retrospect, for the sake of my nerves, I should have gone to the wrapping paper section and just bought some gift boxes that are old fashioned enough to have a top AND a bottom. I guess you really do get what you pay for, and not get what you don’t!


Crystal Cook said...

Oooh I like your horse! A beauty :) And what a funny story about that box. I would have totally done the same thing.

Lee said...

Horse is wonderful! I would never have made it that far with the box. I am a big fan of gift bags and reuse them all the time. They fold nicely for storage and pop open for use. The onesies really stink! :D

Rona Gregory said...

Love the horse and have no idea what a onesie is but forewarned is forearmed so if I should happen across one anytime I'll know to avoid it!

Like Lee I keep ALL my gift bags and re-use. you know where you are with a gift bag! LOL!

Studio at the Farm said...

Bruno said to say "thank you". he thinks he's pretty hot, too. And I loved your article on THE BOX.

Marlene said...

The box, LOL, I have struggled with those myself and like others I am a big fan of gift bags and the Dollar Store has great bags any size, only one dollar.

The horse is gorgeous!

Magic Love Crow said...

Love the horse! And, funny story about the box, that's why I love bags ;o)

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