Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mini stenciled fabric Valentine bags for the horse lover

You can create these cute little bags in a flash, just in time to fill them with your favorite Valentine candy.  They are easy enough for a child with some adult supervision.  I found farm cardboard animal stencils in a little book form for only $1.50.  These little stencils are available from Dover books and you can pick them up in gift ships and craft stores.  You can, of course, use any other stencils if desired.  Or you can even make your own stencil.  Future posts will explain how to easily create you own original stencils.

You will need:

Mini 6” x 6” fabric bags (I got mine at the craft store and they came three in a package)

Horse stencil

Acrylic paint (choose your favorite color)

Stencil brush

Small pre-cut felt hearts

Fabric glue

Masking tape

Clear sparkle dimensional fabric paint

Piece of scrap cardboard

Paper plate to use as a palette

1.     Prepare the bag.  Place a piece of cardboard inside the bag in order to keep the paint from bleeding through.  Attach a few pieces of masking tape to the stencil edges to hold it in place while painting.

2.     Squirt a small amount of acrylic paint (I used metallic) on the paper plate.  Using the stencil brush, dip into the paint but do not over load the brush.  You do not need much paint on the brush.  The brush should be almost dry.

3.     Use a swirling circular motion to apply the paint starting at the edges and working to the center.  Make sure the stencil stays in place and doesn’t shift. Remove the stencil carefully and let dry.

4.     Glue the felt hearts across the top edge of the bag with the fabric glue.  Alternate the colors of the hearts.  Let dry.

5.     Use the dimensional fabric paint to outline the stenciled horse randomly. 


Since the bags came in a pack of three why not make two more?? 


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Crystal, such a cute Valentine craft. Makes me wish my daughter was 6 again (she's 32). :) Unfortunately my grandson won't go for making anything like this.

Marlene said...

Very cute idea, I too wish I had little ones around again. That would have been a great project for my campfire girls (oh so long ago) they are in their 40's now.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea Crystal! My grand-daughter who is going to be nine, would love making these for her close friends! Thank you!!!

Lee said...

Another great project idea! Crystal you are full of them :D Wish my daughters were little again :/

My sister has picasa - not sure where she got it (must have been a free download) She stores her photos in it. I just have mine in a file system on my drive. Picasa web is a google product that gives you 1 gig for photo sharing.

Wanda said...

Darling little Valentine bags... Love your step by step...

I will have to check my email for the details, but some time ago, I paid $20 for a lot more space. It popped up on my screen where I could get more space. I'll check to see. I don't think it was Picasa.

LadyCat said...

These are so cute! My youngest granddaughter loves horses, so this will be perfect for her.
Thanks for sharing such creative projects : )

Magic Love Crow said...

Very cute Crystal, thanks!

Janice said...

Wonderfully cute project!

Leovi said...

Beautiful and romantic bags a good idea to avoid consumerism and show love to a beautiful detail.

Anonymous said...

A cute little bag to hold all kinds of Valentine gifts!

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