Thursday, February 17, 2011

Robbie’s back

Robin ACEO

I am not looking forward to Robbie. 

Robbie is an American Robin, a red-breasted thrush.  I saw him and a couple of his friends today so I guess the season’s harbinger has returned from his winter home.

He’ s back and he’s ready to start dating.  Yes, Robbie is looking for a girlfriend.  He knows he’s a catch and I must admit he is rather dapper.  Any female Robin would be lucky indeed to become the new Mrs. Robbie.  The trouble is Robbie is a bit of a narcissist and extremely competitive.  Whenever he sees himself in a mirror, window or any other reflective surface he mistakes his own image for that of a very handsome Robin that must have moved in on his territory.  And Robbie will have none of that! 

 Soon, he will be dive-bombing the windows on my garage doors.  Or he will sit on car mirrors and continuously attack the reflection.  I assume he will keep this up till he finds Mrs. Right or he sustains so many concussions that the cat starts looking good to him.

The really down side for me is that when he sits on the side mirrors he insists on leaving the remains of his meals down the sides of the doors.  And boy he must eat a lot!

In an effort to deter this determined little warrior, I’ve printed photos of owls (natural enemies right?) and pasted them on the garage door windows.  I’ve even covered the windows completely with paper and wrapped the car’s side mirrors with bags.  Still he sits and waits for the moment these protective coverings come off.  In seconds he has left his mark, literally.  Having a two-car garage and three vehicles leaves one poor unsuspecting coupe at Robbie’s mercy. No one, and I mean no wants wants to visit me in the Spring unless they come on foot. Constantly washing the droppings off the sides of the car gets a little bit old.  I’d almost rather be shoveling snow…I said almost. 

He hasn’t started yet, but it’s only a matter of time.  I’m ready.  I have my bags to cover the mirrors and if all else fails, I guess there’s always the garden hose.  (To wash the car, of course!)


Heather said...

oh this is too funny. you are right on...i hate when i go out to my car and there's been a little visitor!!! YUCH!
It's a very pretty painting, though! hee...:)

Carol Blackburn said...

This is one "rockin' Robin", Crystal.

Anonymous said...

What a story and you are a writer Crystal! I believe we have Robbie's brother in our backyard. He acts the same as your Robbie and is very aggressive towards us after his favorite lady lays her beautiful, blue eggs under our deck :)
Beautiful painting too Crystal :)

Franz said...

:-)) funny, a bit annoying Robbie :-))
Magnificent painting Crystal!


Betsy said... are SO funny!

Julia Christie said...

Great painting - I love love love birds!!! I could birdwatch for hours! Thanks for following and I am looking forward to following you too!


Wanda said...

Oh that is so FUNNY!!! Love your writing and the painting is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hope Robbie finds a mate to date real soon...for his and your sake! I'm very apprehensive about him attacking windows...wouldn't want something to happen to him!

Leovi said...

We usually think of the inconvenience that we caused Robin, but in which we caused him and the ecosystem.

Joann said...

Robbie has personality.

Lee said...

Wonderful painting, Crystal! I tried to snap photos of my robin attacking the windows. All blurry with the wings flapping and his beak pecking on the glass. Very determined birds.

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

Boy do you have some nasty robins. I'm looking forward to seeing them....just as a sign of spring. They don't frequent our yard. We see a lot of woodpeckers, blue jays (they seem to be bossy birds) and cardinals.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Gorgeous art..your Robbie is beautiful!
Sounds like more adventures ahead for your and yoru robin friend!

Magic Love Crow said...

You are right about all this Crystal! Cute post!!!


very funny story. beautiful painting, Crystal!

Maggie said...

LOL, I have the same problem, only my silly bird is a Junco. He returned last week. Guess I oughta go get the bags on my side mirrors again. Love your robin painting.

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