Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teddy bear sort of paper doll

Vacation time is almost here and road trips may be in the cards.  Bet you didn’t know that felt sticks to itself, did you?  Why not make a travel felt doll to entertain your favorite little girl on long car rides? This project is super quick to make and uses very little supplies.  You can change Miss Bear’s clothing by simply pressing onto the doll. This portable play set uses an inexpensive pocket folder for storing extra clothing. Don’t fret; little boy projects are in the works!

Print out the pattern on a full size 8 ½” x 11” pieces of paper. 

You will need:

Felt in various colors

Inexpensive pocket folder

Extras such as, lace, ribbon, buttons, whatever you have on hand

Two googly eyes and one tiny pompom for nose (you can substitute a small circle of black felt instead of a pompom)

Black dimensional fabric paint

Tacky glue

1.     Glue felt onto the front and back of the folder.

2.     Trace the pattern onto the correct colors of felt and cut out. (see photo) Cut the main bear body from a piece of tan felt. Cut the belly, ear, and muzzle pieces out of light tan.  Center the main body piece on the front of the folder that you have already covered with felt.  Attach with tacky glue.  Glue on the ears, muzzle and belly pieces.  Glue the googly eyes and nose as shown (See photo) Draw the mouth shape with the fabric paint and let dry completely

3.     Cut out the clothing pieces and decorate with embellishments as shown.

4.     Store the clothing in the pockets.  Clothing sticks to the felt bear without tabs.

5.     Why not use the patterns to make lots of clothes in different felt colors.


laurie said...

oh this adorable, it reminds me of the bible school felt boards,, this is just great,, well done!

craftattack said...

Great idea for keeping kids amused! Valerie

LadyCat said...

Very clever! Thanks for sharing such a great idea : )

Heather said...

OK - LOVE this with felt...I have to do madeline with felt! This is awesome....and how clever to put it in a school folder, my kids love those folders!
off to get some felt! xo
have a great day

Carol Blackburn said...

Oh my Crystal, she is adorable. I have a blogger friend who paints little miniatures of this charachter she calls Ted E. Bear in various adventures. She would make a lovely girl bear for him. LOL

Lee Pierce said...

OH Boy! Ted can have a girlfriend :D
You are a clever girl, Crystal! Wish I had known about this when I had a little girl to occupy. ;^)

Jan said...

Crystal, this is a perfect project for my grand-daughter and I to work on together. She will be out of school for the summer and I will be watching her all day.

I used to love to play with cut-out dolls when I was a little girl and make clothes for them from paper and crayons. I love the felt idea!!!
Thank you...

Magic Love Crow said...

Crystal, this is fantastic! Forget about kids, I will play with it! LOL! Take Care ;o)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

What a cool project!

Daniella said...

Fabulous idea!! I love finding things to keep the kids happy in the car!

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