Thursday, March 22, 2012

Password please

Password please!

“What’s the password?”


“Ok, you can enter.”

And that’s how it went when you were 9 or 10 and you had a clubhouse that you put together with leftover pieces of plywood and other scraps.  Or, if you were lucky you had one that your dad built and it actually had a door and maybe an old table and a couple of chairs.  If you were that fortunate kid then you had to have a password to keep out undesirables—like your little brother.  It didn’t need to be at least at least 7 letters and have at least one number and one symbol and it wasn’t case sensitive!

Fast forward 30 years or so and passwords are no longer simple words garnered from Saturday morning cartoons.  They are an infuriating necessity of daily life.  You get on the computer to check your email—password, you log on to your bank--password…this site, that site…. password, password, password!

Sometimes for no apparent reason you are told you must make a new password.  You whine, you complain but then you resign yourself to the inevitable.  The process starts anew, you toss out a password choice but it’s no good.  It must be longer.  It must have some odd symbol. And you must answer several questions so that if you forget this password the answers will prove that you are in fact…you.

What was the name of your first Grade teacher? 

Ok, on to the next one.  What was the name of your oldest cousin on your mother’s side?

What street did you live on when you were four? 

Are you kidding me?  If I had an answer to those questions I would never remember my responses.

I guess I should just quit complaining and realize it is just a small inconvenience of modern life. Even though my little brother is a grown-up now there are always undesirables to keep out.  Oh no, I forgot my password again; guess I’ll just have to go through the question phase again. Well let me see, what was the name of my first pet’s vet???


Anonymous said...

good one! feel the same way everyday I'm on the internet...I can remember when I first was on the 'net I didn't have to have a password for anything!
and if I did it could be real simple with no life history questions to back it up! times change, the internet changed and here we are..."new password please"

Rita said...

So funny, but so very true! I have a little notebook so I can remember which password is for which site. Awk!! Drives me crazy!

Diana said...

I love the way you wrote true. The eyes are precious.

craftattack said...

So true! those passwords are sometimes hard on us! Valerie

Anonymous said...

beautiful sketch and true words,

The Flute Players said...

this is great crystal - i have such aproblem withall of these passwords - and last weekend my daughter forgot her password ( you know they change theirs about 10 times a day)and couldn't get on her I-pod - it was quite infuriating - for all of us, because they pick the most obscure things! luckily we got back on after 24 hours of "guessing"
great post - enjoy this beautiful spring weather! xo

Sophia said...

This is really great and I LOVE her hat. Well done.

And you got me chuckling on the password piece. Hee

Christine said...

nice painting, pretty eyes! Yes all this password stuff is so annoying, but maybe we need them?

Magic Love Crow said...

Love your sketch Crystal and everything you said is so true! The worst part is, trying to remember them all! LOL!

Gloria said...

What a great post. You are right, a password for everything. It's funny but I did have a little clubhouse and always asked for the password which was cheese with chili. tee hee. Love the look in those eyes. Take care.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I so agree with everything you said about passwords. I hate to admit this, but I write them (and all those idiotic questions) down in a book.

Geckostone said...

Oh my gosh this post had me almost spitting out my coffee, soooooooo true indeed! I started remembering those old tree house clubs we had, wow, those were the days,lol! Wonderful sketch! Deb

Judy Adamson said...

It's a nightmare, Crystal! And particularly for banking online. Of course I want the banks to keep my money safe but the performance I have to go through to check my balance is enough to make me revert to doing it all in the Hight Street Branch! What are the 3rd, 5th and 11th letters of the answer to your cryptic question? And one has a little calculator-type gadget that I have to put through various operations to generate a number, as well as my ID and the name of the street I grew up on! The keypad is so tiny, I find it hard to operate. They told me they provide larger ones for the disabled - but they've run out! I think there's a message there somwhere :)

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