Monday, July 2, 2012

Are you power—full, or are you, like me, power--less?

Anyone wonder where I've been lately?  It’s going on the fourth day with no power.  I have developed a new respect for my ancestors who somehow, without power managed to live, love and work. 

The crazy but quick storm that whipped through the state of Virginia Friday night left a trail of power—less devastation. The real kicker is that on my street only 10 houses remain without power.  While I walk around with a candle like Martha Washington, the Washington family 3 doors down are enjoying air conditioning and home cooked meals. Now that is adding insult to injury.  We all know I’m not a fan of summer.  Heat and humidity drains me to the core.  Heat and humidity in excess of 100 degrees makes me very disagreeable, especially when there is no reprieve.

I shouldn’t complain.  We are one of the lucky ones who are in possession of a portable generator.  Yes, it sounds like it is about to explode but it does keep a fridge and freezer from turning its contents into a stinking mass of inedible garbage.  Ice is pretty much as valuable around here as gold.  Gas stations are running out of gas and since most traffic lights are out, driving anywhere turns into a game of chicken.

For those who are blessed with a power—full life this is what the other half is dealing with:

Getting dressed in the dark
No hair dryers, curling irons or other power based items of beatification.
Taking showers that freeze you to the core one second only to feel as if you need another one as soon as you step out. (Guess I should be glad I don’t have a well or I would be bathing in the creek.)
Foggy brain activity from lack of sleep--yes, I glued the nail caps I usually put on my cat to my own finger, and walked out of a Bob Evan’s bathroom with toilet paper attached to my shoes.
Feeling as if you live in Disney World since the lines are a mile long…only problem is there is no Jungle Cruise at the end of the line.
Sub-par restaurant breakfast, lunch and dinners
Internet wherever one can get it whenever one can get it
Candles are not just for mood lighting anymore
Burning need for coffee—and lots of it
Being lulled to a semi-fitful-sleep by the roar of portable generators
No room at the Inn
Ice is nice and no one has any

Hopefully although the power companies aren’t talking (and I am one of those annoying people who fruitlessly call every single day) they are admitting that everyone will be power—full by the weekend.

Keeping my fingers crossed, heck my eyes, my legs, anything I can cross. 

2-hour line to the landfill where one can dispose of debris and spoiled food


maddyrose said...

It does not sound like fun. We've been pretty lucky in being power-full for the most part. Only one brief period of being power-less so I'm counting my lucky stars. I'll keep everything crossed for you to get power-full by the weekend. The coffee statement really got to me. ;o}

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, thats terrible, come sleep on my couch, we live in a one bedroom but you're welcome here.
My heart goes out to you!

De la Renaissance said...

Gosh...I do hope you are power-full soon...before the weekend would be even better!

We've done the power-less thing before...though thankfully not nearly as long...and know how wonderful it is to have electricity working again!

Sending cool breezes and power-full thoughts your way Crystal!!!

Rita said...

Oh, you poor thing! I hope your power is back soon! What an ordeal! I remember how crazy it was when I was a kid after the tornadoes went through and we had no power for days. I hope you are back to civilization and all its wonders soon...very soon!!! In my prayers! :):)

Christine said...

so sorry to hear you are without power and for 4 days! Glad you are safe though.

craftattack said...

Hope you will soon be seeing the light! Valerie

Heather said...

thinking of you! we had the same lanterns during the hurricane last year - uggg. i feel for you! xoxoxo

Wanda said...

If you can get to CA, I have a couch and ice.

Joking terrible. But the picture you posted is lovely.Boy we forget just how many things have to be Plugged IN!!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hope your powered up again soon! We have wells up here and with the fridge, full freezer, etc., a generator is almost a must!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Crystal. Sorry, I am reading your posts backwards! I am happy your power is back on! It's something we take for granted! I know some of our Canadian Hydro guys are down there helping you out get everything back. I know a few years ago, we had our power out for 3 days and it was bad!! Take Care ;o)

Christine Bennett said...

I hope the power comes back. I didn't realize that there was such wicked weather going on. What a miserable experience!

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