Thursday, July 26, 2012

Does it all go in the same place?

“It all goes in the same place.”

I know you’ve heard it before.  You sat there when you were five or six, arms folded with a determined look on your face and your lips pursed shut so tight you’d of thought it was cough medicine instead of dinner.  Your broccoli was dangerously encroaching upon your mashed potatoes and you wouldn't eat it no matter what. 

Then you went to school and you discovered the greatest invention since sliced bread—the divided dish.  Even though the food wasn’t exactly four-star fare, they sure knew how to feed a kid! It was so much better than building moats and canals around your food like you did at home.

I’ve grown up now and I’m not so worried anymore about food borders.  Although I still don’t like my spinach to get up close and personal with my meatloaf.  And after all I do have plenty of dishes and a dishwasher. 

What about you, is your food touchy feely or touch me not?


maddyrose said...

When told that the food all went to the same place my little sister argued that she had little baskets inside her stomach where the food was kept separated. I was pretty sure there were no baskets.

Wanda said...

I like my plate organize when I presenting it...but once I've approved how it looks on the plate I dig right in, and don't care if things get mixed up.. In fact, I like some flavors together, as I always put my broiled fish on a layer of cooked spinach..

To each his own, I guess in this catagory!!

Fun read!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Definitely, touch me not here! Growing up I had to have everything separated & I still do not like foods to touch. I draw the line at separate dishes, however, since I don't have a dishwasher.

laurie said...

Oh heck I don't care, I mix my corn in my mashed potatoes and if i have meat with gravy sometimes it all gets mixed up.I don't mind things getting a little mixed up at all.
We don't have anyone in the family that is touchy about if their food encroaches on each other, not at all.Wew must be a strange bunch, my son and husband always take their cake and stir it in their ice cream when its served side by side, now thats messy!

Judy Adamson said...

I love 'all-in-one dishes' - salads that combine the carbohydrates and the protein with the vegetables - such as the pasta, pineapple, chicken, currants and ratatouille combo I've just had this evening.

It's probably because it involves less washing of pans, which isn't my favourite occupation!

But also mixing the flavours and textures produces a 'whole' that is greater than the sum of its parts!

Magic Love Crow said...

I love everything all mixed up ;o) But, I have to admit, I will eat my most favorite thing on the plate last, like I am getting a treat :o) LOL! It's like when I get a piece of pie from my mom. I love her pastry, so I will eat the filling first and eat the pastry last! I know cookoo! LOL!

Christine said...

I like it all in one plate, not divided!

Heather said...

when i was a younger, i separated my food....never ate sandwhiches, and tore the cheese off my pizza.
today, i like it all mixed - like on thanksgiving, i mix potatos, turkey and stuffing - YUM!

Maggie said...

LOL, Maddy told you about my "little baskets" theory. I think I was 3 or 4-years old then. Nowadays I don't care if my food touches, in fact I like it that way.

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