Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lock out #2

I hate to disappoint all of you readers who had visions of me locked in a trashcan but unfortunately I must.  I know I’ve done some silly things in the past (and my husband swears he is going to write a book) but none of them include trash receptacles.

This is more of a fable then a story.  You see it has a moral and if you continue to read you will discover the moral to the story.

The squirrel and the safe

Crystal squirrel had worked very hard gathering acorns for months. She told her husband that she needed some time to relax.  So they decided to go to the beach.  Crystal squirrel got ready, packed her things and her reading glasses.  Husband squirrel always scolded her for not seeing the best acorns when she didn’t wear them, but they had a glare and she was always misplacing them.  Oh well, she took them anyway and grabbed her heavy purse, yes it was full and heavy but she really needed everything in there.  Crystal squirrel had an idea.  She took along a little purse with her so that she could keep her heavy stuff in the big one.  Then she could put a comb, some lip gloss, and one acorn in the little one.  That way she could leave her heavy purse in the tree-house hotel.

So Crystal squirrel put her heavy purse in the tree safe and set the numerical code.  She knew she would never forget the numbers because it was the date she married Husband squirrel.  ((Smile))

The squirrels had a great time at the beach and when evening rolled around they got very tired so they returned to the tree-house hotel.  Crystal squirrel went to the tree safe and punched in the numbers.  It didn’t open.  She punched them in again.  It still didn't open.  Husband squirrel tried and it didn’t open for him either.  So Crystal squirrel called the desk in the tree-house hotel but and they told her they had to call a squirrel locksmith. Oh no, they would have to wake him up from a sound sleep!

“Oh come on now you mean there is no way to open this safe.” Crystal whined?

“Nope.” Came the reply.  But you can try again in 25 minutes.  

She sat and watched the digital countdown ticking down the minutes feeling very foolish waiting for the moment when she could try the numbers again.

Her squirrelly asthma inhaler was in the purse and she needed it.  Husband squirrel (although usually very patient) was a little tired and bit cranky.  So when the 25 minutes ended he decided to try the numbers himself.  His idea was to punch the numbers NEAR the ones Crystal squirrel had punched.  He punched one number…nothing.  He punched another, still nothing.  He still had one more try so he punched a number right above the one Crystal Squirrel had supposedly punched, and….

IT OPENED.  Crystal had only thought she had punched those numbers because she didn’t have her reading glasses on!

The offender


If you haven’t guessed already, I am that ditzy squirrel.  Honestly, my purse is really quite heavy.  And who would expect a hotel to not be able to open a digitally locked safe without the help of a locksmith?  Fortunately, the locksmith was able to get on with his snoring and alls well that ends well. 

If you would like to learn more about the black hole I call my usual purse…


Judy Adamson said...

Glad the fable had a happy ending, Crystal!

But I shall think of you whenever I forget to take my reading glasses with me when I go shopping and have to aske the shop assistants to read out the ingredients/nutrition information on the backs of packets for me!

Magic Love Crow said...

Well Crystal Squirrel, you are lucky you had hubby squirrel! LOL! Very cute! Hugs;o)

Christine said...

I have a heavy black hole kind of purse too! All's well that ends well!

maddyrose said...

Hubby squirrel must know Crystal squirrel very well. Loved that this fable had a happy ending and I've learned something valuable from it. ;o} Hugs

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Cute squirrel story. I'd have been sweating if I couldn't open the room safe! Glad you married a smart squirrel!

Wanda said...

That's just too cute..I love that you can take an unfortunate incident, and delight us with a fable!!

That was such a fun read.

Wanda said...

That's just too cute..I love that you can take an unfortunate incident, and delight us with a fable!!

That was such a fun read.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I can relate! Can't see well without glasses and do all sorts of similar things.

Love the Squirrel painting!

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