Thursday, May 16, 2013

ABCDEF… G is for geranium

Every year I have four geranium hanging baskets decorating my front porch. So let me talk about my plant children.  Why do I call them children?  Well, even though my thumb is far from green these plants are approaching school age.  Even though Virginia weather is mild, it’s not exactly mild enough to keep them out all year.  So every year in the fall I take them down and put them in my basement by the sliding glass doors. 

The geraniums that are hanging as I write are 5 years old.  Yes, they last from year to year!  How many of you just toss them out at the end of the summer?

I also take in my hibiscus and mandavilla and they are going on 2. 

G is for geranium.


Gloria in CA said...

Geraniums are awesome. When we moved to this home 24 years ago, we brought cuttings from our geraniums and they still live on. They are very easy to grow. Very nice painting. Thanks. :)

Christine said...

lovely painting, I never knew you could do that with geraniums!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Beautiful plants and painting. I remember you shared last year how you cared for the plants over the winter--thanks!

Glad you have a good time at your daughter's graduation. Ours went well also--5,500 graduates, two ceremonies and moved her out the same weekend. It took me the better part of the week to recover!

Have a great weekend!

Magic Love Crow said...

5 years???? Wow!! I wonder if I could do this with my mom's pansies? Take Care ;o)

maddyrose said...

When we lived in Wisconsin I would bring my geraniums into the house and store them in the basement too but I would remove the dirt from them first. Not only are they a beautiful plant but they are very hardy and seem to carry on and require very little care. That makes them a good choice for us black thumbs. Enjoy your weekend.

Love the painting!

Judy Adamson said...

That salmon pink colour is my absolute favourite, Crystal! I was given one in a fancy pot when my son was born. I took cuttings of it and still had several pots full of them when I moved to this house, when my son was 24 years old! They survived, just dumped in my front porch for a couple of years, in spite of total neglect - I was busy refurbishing the house! But sadly, when I moved them to the back porch where I thought they would be protected from frost, they died! I know what you mean about calling them your 'children'!

Christine Bennett said...

Luv the scent of geraniums! I have a red one this year. I suppose I could try wintering it, I just have to check the bird safe plant list. It really is impressive that you have kept them so long! uv

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