Friday, May 10, 2013

F is for Fossil

If you are into history you have probably heard of the part of Virginia where I live.  Eight presidents were born right in Virginia.  I can throw a coin across the river in almost the exact spot where George Washington famously did it. (It wasn’t as wide as they would like you to believe though) I can visit the law offices of James Monroe, although he hasn’t practiced law in years. I am able to walk the once bloody ground where civil war battles were fought.  And believe it or not if I were to drive 10 minutes from my door I can walk the bank of what used to be under much deeper water.  35-65 million years ago, right after the extinction of the dinosaurs, Crocodiles, sharks and other underwater creatures lived virtually in my back yard!

Through the years I have collected the fossilized teeth of sharks and crocodiles and other sea creatures, simply by walking the banks and picking them up.  The shark and crocodile teeth look much like modern day teeth with the difference being they are black or shades of gray and very, very hard.  Years ago I would create necklaces out of them, wrapping them with wire since they much too hard to drill through. 

What could be more natural that fossilized remains of creatures long gone?

F in my little book-- is for fossil.


maddyrose said...

I would love to live where so much of our history happened. I know there is history everywhere but where you live is where the really important events took place. I'd also love to live where I could find some of those really great fossils. :^)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I have spent many days of vacation in Virginia walking some of these same places--I'm sorry I didn't know where the fossils were though! I'm enjoying your alpha book!

Magic Love Crow said...

I should visit Virginia one day! Loving the fossils! Very cool! Happy Mother's Day ;o)

Christine Bennett said...

That is quite a collection, Crystal. I hope you do make something with them.

I hope to visit Virginia too some day. I loved Kentucky and all the history.

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