Sunday, January 9, 2011

The answer is right before your eyes


A drum roll please……ratatatatatatat.  Sorry I didn’t get to post this yesterday as promised, but today the wait it over!  Some of you did amazingly well at guessing what these photos were.  I can’t believe that someone actually got the nest.  I did stump everyone on image C though.  Funny how the most mundane things can appear to be anything but when digitally captured very close up.

A.     I met this little guy while walking the dog and his colors just jumped out at me.  He wasn’t a jumper, however, he just lumbered along.  Yes, I didn’t stump many on this one, an Eastern Box Turtle!

B.     This is the only real art in this group.  While on vacation in the Bahamas I visited Atlantis and this was one of the amazing giant glass sculptures hanging from the ceilings.  Close up it reminds me of well something that slithers.  J

C.     Bet I got you on this one.  While shopping in a local strip mall last summer after a rain, I encountered a giant… oil spot in the parking lot. 

D.    I can’t grow much but I did manage to grow some zinnias.  This bud must have been at least 6 feet tall.  I guess up close it does look a little scary like a meat eating plant.

E.     One morning sitting on my back deck steps was this little Robin’s nest.  Meticulously created, this home for four beautiful blue eggs brought a few more harbingers of spring into the world.

F.     Nothing, and I meant nothing is bluer than the Caribbean waters, as this photo shows.  I like to call it Bahama blue.

G.     Finally we come to the soul of my favorite animal.  I know this was an easy one.  It is the close up the eye of a… Horse.

Well, I hope you got them right.  The next time I will offer a prize for the one who gets them all.  That is, if you all are up for a challenge!  



Lee said...

FUN! Thanks for the game. I enjoyed it even though I didn't do so well :D

Art with Liz said...

Oh hah! I think I only got 2 right!

Magic Love Crow said...

Excellent! I had alot of fun playing this game ;o)

LadyCat said...

This looks like a fun game. I will have to join in next time.
P.S. I gave you the 'stylish blogger award' on my blog. Stop by and check it out. I hope you don't mind :)

jamberry_song said...

Wow! I got most of them, and was so close on a few. Some surprised me! The water, so blue... not a pool or fountain! But seawater... I've never seen water that blue in my life outside of a cement holding tank. Incredible! ^__^ Now, if I can find some beads that color...

bricarwaller said...

What a fun game that was!! Great idea:)

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