Friday, January 7, 2011

What is it??

Ok, let’s play a little game of “What is it.”  I am one of those people who find and see art almost everywhere.  Life, for me, is just like walking through The National Gallery of Art.  So in consideration of that fact I have am posting some photos of “found” art.  It’s pretty, it’s colorful, but what in the world is it?  They are all photographs, un-retouched except for maybe some cropping.  I will offer a couple of hints.  One of them I pretty much stumbled upon, one is "real art" and one I ran into.  Some I found in nature and others I just found.  Any answers? How many can you identify? Answers…tomorrow.

Image A
Image B
Image C
Image D
Image E

image F

Image G


Lee said...

OOOH! I love guessing games :D

A: critter skin? like frog or turtle.

B: looks like undersea aquarium stuff (first glance curly fries! I am hungry)

C: what ever it is there's flakey stuff all over it

D: cactus flower

E: hay

F: water

G: Horse eye

That was FUN!

Studio at the Farm said...

Fascinating images ... whatever they are!

Magic Love Crow said...

Ok, I will play ;o)
A- turtle's shell
b-something under the ocean
d-a decoration made out of vegetables
g-horse's eye

Art with Liz said...

How clever! Let's see
a. snake skin
b. squid
c. meteor shower
d. Venus flytrap
e. Tangled brushwood
f. The sea
g. Horse's eye

jamberry_song said...

A - Turtle or tortoise shell?
B - No idea, going to guess this one is your "art" sculpture. :D
C - Hmm. Anti-freeze in the snow? XD
D - Artichoke or some other thistle-like flower just beginning to bloom.
E - Edge of a bird's nest.
F - Pool or fountain water. :) I love that blue color!
G - Horsey eye!

These pictures are lovely. I especially like E and F. There's something lovely and abstract about them.

California Girl said...

a) reptilian skin (or turtle)
b) squid
c) iris
d) either an artichoke heart of a meat eating plant (forgot the name)
e) chinese shoots...edible
f) water or a silkscreen of same
g) horse's eye

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