Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mary the Gnome

I have always made costumes for my daughter throughout her entire life.  As I list these costumes, the memories flood back. 

She was:
An Indian on horseback
A devil…
And an Angel on a cloud (her horse)
A Scarecrow on a scarecrow horse
A medieval maiden
Jeannie (from “I dream of”)
Black Beauty (yes the horse)
A cheerleader
And a witch
Alice in wonderland
And a child on a carousel horse

Now she is grown and we work together on costumes for her at times.  Its fun and she can have a costume no one else is wearing.  So this past year in October she decided she wanted to be a Gnome.  I guess that desire lay dormant in her ever since she was little and one of her favorite television programs was a show called “David the Gnome.”

A new movie is coming out soon called, “Gnomeo and Juliet.”  It is a tale about two star-crossed gnome lovers from feuding families, well you all know the story. Since it is computer generated animation I am sure this rendition has a happier ending. Anyway if all of a sudden next year a lot of people are dressing up as gnomes, just remember, for my daughter and I, that was sooooo last year! 



Franz said...

Beautiful costume,congratulations!

Ciao Crystal!

Carol Blackburn said...

You are visionaries in the world of costumes....:) Love the gnome costume. I have recently acquired an iron Gnome that belonged to my grandmother which my brother got his hands on first and was hanging onto it. When he passed away last year they remembered I was the other sibling who wanted it. I had even written a poem about it that no one knew about until now. So as you see, gnomes are dear to my heart as gnomes go. Your daughter makes a beautiful gnome. :)

Anonymous said...

Crystal your artistic talent is so amazing & varied. I love gnomes and I have painted quite a few of them. Wonderful costume!!!

Lee said...

Great costume! Such Fun goings on in your neck of the woods :D
There are days I want to be a cloak for that?

steviewren said...

I'm LOL over this! Wouldn't it be fun for the whole family to dress up like this for Halloween?

Leovi said...

A beautiful picture and really tender, I assure you it is the prefecture most beautiful I've seen in my life, Kisses for both

Diana said...

I think it still might be a big hit for Halloween. It's great to see such a creative mom/daughter team. Great job!

Magic Love Crow said...

Excellent costume and great post!

LadyCat said...

That is such a cute costume...I love it! You are so creative : ) I hadn't heard of the movie. I'll have to look for it.

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<a href="”> this is for you Crystal!</a>


Becky Joy said...

Great costume. and wonderful memories to share.

Margaret Bednar said...

Adorable. And your list almost reads like a poem. :)

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