Friday, January 14, 2011

Not the droid you are looking for

Appaloosa Horse ACEO

Recently it has come to my attention that there may be some who are visiting this blog looking for someone other than myself.  If you are looking for the Crystal Harris who is engaged to a wealthy, old, famous, publisher (I won’t say the name for fear that just the mention will attract more erroneous visitors to my humble little blog looking for this man’s fiancé.) you have come to the wrong place.

My mother decided that since I was her first child, I would always be unique so she named me Crystal.  Back then; there were no other Crystals.  My own grandmother never learned how to spell my name correctly.  Now you cannot throw a stick without hitting a Crystal somewhere.  You go to the hairdressers and Crystal cuts your hair.  You stop by the grocery store and Crystal checks you out. 

For those who are looking for a Crystal other than I, I am truly sorry that you are disappointed but maybe you should restrict your search a little better. There are tons of Crystals out there. Somehow, in the time between my mother’s name choice, lots of others decided to jump on the bandwagon.

 I love my blog readers who are here for what I do.  I paint horses and landscapes and an occasional portrait.  I design and write instructions for craft projects for kids and adults.  I write humorous observations about life.  I thank you all who visit.  I am eternally grateful for your following and your comments.

If you, on the other hand are here because you are looking for an entirely different Crystal, you won’t find her here. Please, spread the word that this is not the place to look for risqué photos.  Tell your friends that the woman you are looking for probably doesn’t have a blog.  Imagine me as a Jedi knight…from the Star Wars movies.  Picture me with my hand extended towards you and you hearing…the words coming from my mouth…”Not the droid you are looking for.” (Really it’s not)

My name is Crystal Harris Donnelly.  I am married to a wonderful man and I have grown children, the youngest being 18.  I hope I have now made this fact…Crystal Clear.


Carol Blackburn said...

Ohhh, sounds like you've been getting some strange comments. Sorry to hear that! Love your blog, Crystal..........and always will.

Lee said...

Hi Crystal! I'm here 4 U! :D

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Crystal, I don't even know who this other person is?? LOL!! Oh well, I like you and I like your blog!! I'm here for you ;o) Have a great day!!!

Franz said...

Magnificent horse!
Is so beautiful that it seems alive!
Congrats Crystal!!!


Wanda said...

You handled this situation so beautifully. I love the way you write so cleverly.

Also love your painting of the horse.

Wanda said...

You handled this situation so beautifully. I love the way you write so cleverly.

Also love your painting of the horse.

Leovi said...

A beauty of a horse, I've always been attracted by far the great painting. Saludos.

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