Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Man vs. woman

When it comes to men and women it has come to my attention that some things are just not very fair.  What follows is my list of the unfair.

It is unfair that men are most often the ones with the long lush eyelashes, no mascara needed.

It is unfair that gray hair on men is distinctive and on women it’s just old.

It is unfair that men are most often better at operating the DVD player, forcing women to watch movies with car crashes and explosions.

It is unfair that shoes for men are pretty basic; often the same color, and they don’t have to be uncomfortable to be stylish!

It is unfair that when a woman sees another woman wearing the same dress at an event it’s a crisis, but men can wear the same suit with no issues.

It’s ok for men to pass gas, after all boys will be boys.  Women on the other hand must sit tight, and I mean tight.

Do you really think it’s fair that men can pay $11 for a barber to cut their hair while women often pay upwards of $50 to go to a hair salon?

It is totally unfair that men don’t have to have mammograms.

When they decide to lose weight, men cut out beer or soda and the pounds come off.  Women have to cut out everything else.

Men may labor at a job they hate but women go into labor.

It’s pretty unfair that old rich guys can hook up with young beautiful women and no one calls them a cougar.

To be fair, I am sure men can make their own list balancing it all out…. but as for me, I’ll stick with mine.  Feel free, girls, to add any of your own unfair things that I may have missed.


maddyrose said...

I fully support your list and wish to add one more. It's unfair that men can loose their hair and still look handsome but how often do you see a beautiful bald woman?

angelself said...

$50+ at the hair salon to be tortured and fried under those hot hairdryers!...definitely not fair, lol! Kathryn

Wanda said...

What a fun read this morning...I agree with all of them.

I'm can't stop smiling.... You made my day.

craftattack said...

Love your list, all very true! Valerie

Netty said...

First I love your red shoes painting and most men wouldn't look good in those.......mmmmm or maybe they
Terrific list and agree with every word. Annette x

Heather said...

i couldn't agree more!!!!!!! too much maintance for us....not enough for them! hee! ANOTHER LOL great post!

Magic Love Crow said...

Fantastic, fun post!! I agree with all of them Crystal!!! Keep On Smiling ;o)

Franz said...

You're right, too many benefits who for us men :-))

Judy Adamson said...

I think the most unfair of all is that women are expected to change their name when they marry!

Also - and this one REALLY annoys me! - a man can just say his name is 'John Smith' without being asked whether it's 'miss' or 'mrs'...or 'ms'. I'm always intending to ask the person who asks that why they need to know but when it comes to it, I always forget!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

So right on all counts! And what the double standard when talking to a repair man or having a car repairman try to take advantage just because you're a woman!

Diana Evans said...

oh your red show piece is gorgeous!!! Do you believe I have never ever had red!!!

WrightStuff said...

Nice list... but even nicer shoes!

I agree with most of them apart from the shoes... I love women's shoes!

Lee Pierce said...

True - and I love your shoes :D

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

Beautiful artwork.

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