Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lightweight foam luggage tag

Lately when I travel I notice that everyone and I mean just about everyone has black luggage.  When I bought my luggage I wanted colors, but my husband who is Mr. conservative, went for the usual…black luggage.  When you check your bags and try to get them off the belt after your flight they all look the same!  It is necessary to put something unique on your luggage to identify it as yours, and then you can get out of there and onto your trip quicker.  I have designed a luggage tag that is as unique as you want it to be.  My tag is big… but lightweight.  You can cut yours down to make it smaller if you so desire.

You will need:

2 foam door hangers in contrasting colors

Inkjet paper…you can print your name from a computer or just write it with a sharpie. 

Disappearing marker

Hole punch, scissors

Tacky craft glue

Paper edger in desired design (optional)

Mod Podge or similar decoupage glue

Small paintbrush

Sharpie maker if you are printing your identification

16” of flexible plastic string (used for beading)

Small foam shapes (optional)

1.     Choose two colors of foam door hangers.  If you would like a shorter tag, now is the time to cut each hanger off 3 inches at each end.

2.     Place them together with the door holes at the opposite ends.  You will have a recessed door hole at each end.  (If you are making a shorter tag you will only have one door hole since you cut the other one off.)  Using the disappearing marker mark the center of recessed area on each door hanger.  You will not be putting any glue on this area. 

3.     Using the hole punch, make a hole in the center of the non-door hole area of the hanger. 

4.     Line both side together so that the hole you punched is in the center of the door hole.  (This is the top of your tag)

5.     Spread some tacky glue onto one side making sure you do not put glue in the door hole areas.  Press together and let dry.

6.     Print your information onto the inkjet paper  and cut to approximately 5 ½” x 3 “ for the longer tag and  3” x 2 ½” for the shorter tag. Trim with paper edgers if desired.

7.     Spread some decoupage glue or Modpodge on the back of the paper and the tag front.  Attach and let dry.

8.     You can glue foam shapes in the recessed door hole areas if desired or just leave as is.   Attach a piece of flexible plastic string through the punched hole and attach to luggage.

Shorter style luggage tag


craftattack said...

Great idea! So much better than searching for the right case! Valerie

maddyrose said...

As I've said before, you are one clever lady. I love this idea. I have hot pink tags on my black luggage but think bigger is better so before my next trip I'm making some of these.

Magic Love Crow said...

This is so cool! Thanks Crystal!

Purple Pony Art said...

Those are very sturdy luggage tags! I once took someone's bag by embarrassing! I only happened to notice that it didn't have the broken zipper and was able to find the rightful owner right away. He had my bag!

Wanda said...

That is really clever and useful.

I do have a Rainbow Ribbon on my has served me really well.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Great idea! I know what you mean about the black luggage. Fortunately ours are pink, red, purple, and gray!

Heather said...

i could have used this this morning! i am off to florida - next time i am making one of these!
enjoy - my visits might be sporadic!
enjoy your week my friend! xo

Holly said...

You are so diverse in your creative endevours! I may have to try my hand at this one, since I seem to own the same set of black luggage as everyone else in the nation.

Thanks for your kind comments on my Creative Tuesday post, BTW.

Anonymous said...

This is a very creative, and clever idea, Crystal.

❀ⒹⒺⒺ❀ said...

I love this! Such a smart and great looking project.


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