Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Does this make scents?

Pastel Beach

Well, now that Memorial Day is over summer is in full swing.  So what’s next? Will it be beaches, swimming, sun and fun?  Vacation is this week and I’m going to the beach. 

For me, beaches are sometimes not so much fun.  I am fair and I don’t tan, I burn. For a Greek with black hair I am unusually pale. I guess I take after my father who, when he had hair, was a blond and fair Greek.  When he would don shorts his legs were so white they almost glowed in the dark. 

I don’t have to be out in the sun for very long.  It almost seems as if as soon as my toes touch anything sandy, they start to crisp.  I feel as if I am cooking and I am the main course.  In a half hours time I am usually Lobster red. 

My husband is a beach boy.  Not a real Beach Boy, but he is blond and he loves the beach. He can stay out in the sun for what seems like forever with minimal protection. 

Me, on the other hand needs all the help I can get, but when it comes to suntan lotions, I cringe.  I absolutely detest the aroma of suntan oils and lotions.  I hate smelling as if I should have a little umbrella sticking out of my hair or like I belong on a desert menu. For the record I didn’t like to use cocoa butter after my pregnancy either.

So I search the stores for my sun protection criteria, mainly high SPF and low fragrance. 

I come in the door with my purchase, not the 55 SPF baby lotion, but the 110 SPF suntan lotion…and best of all, it’s unscented!

I’m ready.  Look out sun.

UPDATE:  Tropical storm Beryl had other plans for me and mine so I guess after one day in the un-sunny weather bedraggled and road weary we turned around.  Looks like it will be a stay-cation for me!


craftattack said...

Oh yes, I know that, too. I come from a family of red headed pale-skinned people,so I just stay out of the sun. Know what you mean about the smell of that lotion, I hate it, too! Valerie

Wanda said...

I'm from the other side of the tan line. Before the turning grey, I was dark aburn red with dark brown's the Cherokee in me, and I tan very easily. Sorry your beach trip was cancelled. We are leaving tomorrow for Lake Tahoe, and I will be sitting in the chairs in the header on my new blog.

Our of our 4 kids, 2 tan, 2 burn..go figure!

maddyrose said...

I am one of those people who is allergic to everything including the sun, anything with a fragance and most types of oils or moisturizers. About the only time you'll find me at the beach is during the winter months and even then I'll spend most of the time inside. I'm so pale that when someone tries to take a photo of me there's a 'white-out'. Sorry to hear your beach trip had to be cancelled. BTW which lotion has 110 SPF and is unscented?

Magic Love Crow said...

Sun tanning isn't good for you anyways ;o) So just enjoy the water and keep covered ;o) I am sorry your plans got cancelled ;o) Maybe next time ;o)

Cowgirl Red said...

110? WOW I never knew. I'm going to find some. I have the same issues with the sun. And I never allow myself to burn.. Terah

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