Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Don't it make my brown eyes blue?"

Pencil drawing "Blue Eyes"

If you really want to know someone and I mean really know them, then all you need do is to look into their eyes.  Eyes pretty much say it all.  They can show surprise, anger, and sadness and most of all, love. Even Fido knows to use his deep brown eyes to get a biscuit now and then.  Songwriters and poets are aware of the fascination and attraction that eyes evoke and use them often in their lyrics.  The list that follows is just a sampling of songs that pay tribute to “the widows to the soul.”

·      “Brown eyes,” Destinys Child
"Grand Canyon" ACEO
·      “Brown eyed girl,” Van Morrison
·      “Brown eyes,” Lady Gaga
·      “Behind blue eyes,” – Who
·      “Blue eyes cryin in the rain,” Willie Nelson
·      “Judy Blue eyes,” – Crosby, Stills and Nash
·      “Blue Eyes”, - Elton John
·      “Behind these hazel eyes.” Kelly Clarkson
·      “Green eyed Lady,” – Sugarloaf
·      “Green eyes,” – Coldplay
·      “Green eyes,” – Barry Manilow
·      “Grey eyes you know,” – Waylon Jennings

And lets not forget….”Don’t it make my brown eyes blue?” by Crystal Gayle

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Marlene said...

Beautiful job on the eyes.

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